Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Sleeper Picks – November 20

Pretty big schedule of games tonight, should be fun. Here are today’s sleeper picks. As we get closer to tip-off you could possibly find a few more as things break only about 1 hour before game-time on twitter in regards to lineups & game-time decisions. Eric Bledsoe is supposedly a game-time call again tonight, so you could run Gerald Green again if you wanted to risk it.

PG Trey Burke at New Orleans
I don’t think I’ll play this guy, for one he’s coming off the bench and this is his first game as a rookie. Jrue Holiday on the other end might be a better play since the PG position in Utah is really bad. It’s possible Burke goes off his first night, but that would be like a solar eclipse happening. Just keep an eye on him, his salary might not change much, and might go down if he comes off the bench and doesn’t do anything – but he’ll get into the starting lineup and you’ll have a few days where he’ll be a value play.

PG Beno Udrih – Pablo Prigioni vs Indiana
I’m not sure I’ll mess around with these two tonight, they are on a back-to-back and Pablo played well last night, but comes off the bench. Beno looked like he was just learning to play basketball. However, Raymond Felton and possibly Metta World Peace might miss tonights game, leaving minuets to be had.

SG Martell Webster vs Cleveland
Had him on the list yesterday and he didn’t disapoint with Trevor Ariza out. On a back-to-back but streaky shooters don’t mind those if they are hot.

SF Harrison Barnes vs Memphis
Stephen Curry is out, leading to more shots and playing time for others. Barnes should benefit and he’s a mid-priced option on most sites.

PF Marcus Morris vs Sacramento
Seems like he and his twin brother are just taking turns having good weeks. This time is Marcus who’s doing really well. Odd back-to-back game here where its the same team they played last night … so he has good history, but the Kings might be more aware of him. Either way, he’s not a bad option, just he comes off the bench & is hot/cold. Plus, Eric Bledsoe didn’t play last night, which opened up some shots.

PF/C Boris Diaw vs Boston
This one could get into garbage time pretty quick, especially because Boston played last night too. Diaw has been pretty solid for a low priced option, has some risk – but he’s been fairly steady.

PF/C John Henson vs Portland
Gotta have someone from the Bucks since they have injuries right now. Zaza Pachulia might miss the game – which might lead to some additional minuets for Henson. He was in foul trouble last game, but has been a steady mid-priced performer all year.

PF/C Josh McRoberts vs Brooklyn
Had a good night last night, so you’ve got to be a little worried about the back-to-back game, but Al Jefferson is out again, and Brook Lopez is out for the Nets so he could perform well again.

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