Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Sleeper Picks – November 6

Stars & Scrubs strategy has been working … get the 4 or 5 best players and load up on some sleepers with upside and it’s a pretty easy cash, especially on DraftKings. Here are my scrubs today.

PG Nate Wolters – $3,000 – at Bucks
Added this guy after I initially published this article a few hours ago, mainly because it appears Brandon Knight is going to miss another game, and he may get another start. He’s the minimum price on draftkings, making him a viable scrub to get in tonight so you can have Paul, George, Love and Curry.

PG/SG Jordan Crawford$3,600 – vs Utah
Comes off the bench, so your upside is not as big as it could be. Jordan is a guy that could go for 30, but he needs 30+ minuets. Lately he’s been shooting the ball at a high percentage and been playing well. The Celtics are 0-4 and they play Utah (who played last night). If playing Crawford is too risky for you, Avery Bradley is usually only a few hundred dollars more, and he’s the starter.

SG/SF Gerald Green$3,200 – at San Antonio
Was my lock of the day yesterday, and is probably the same price on most sites, even after putting up about 30+ fantasy points. I played in one league last night where 70% of the people had Green in, and one where only 18% had him in … my guess is more will have him tonight.

SG/SF Corey Brewer$4,600 – vs Golden State
I’m basically only including him because he’s pretty much the cheapest starter in this game. The Warriors games tend to be high scoring, so having someone from that game is not a bad idea, espeically since Brewer does have 30 fantasy-point upside.

PF/C Boris Diaw$3,400 – vs Phoenix
Matt Bonner got hurt last night, and it helped Diaw put up decent numbers again for the Spurs. Tonight he faces off against his former team, so he might be even more motivated than normal. You never know how the Spurs coach is going to distribute minuets, but for a cheap price, Diaw has been productive this season.

PF/C DeJuan Blair$3,000 – at OKC
I don’t think he’ll play over 25 minuets in a game, probably due to his injuries in the past. However, he’s been a highly productive player and is basically the cheapest player you can get in a game that should be high scoring.


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