Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Sleeper Picks – October 31

There are only 2 games on the schedule for Thursday October, 31 – so you’re limited on the number of sleeper picks you will want in your lineup tonight. I’ve included some cheaper options as well. On the expensive side, I like Chris Paul in leagues that award 1.5 for assists … the game against the Warriors could be high scoring.

NY at Chicago 5:00 pm
Golden State at LA Clippers 7:30 pm

Point Guard

Pablo Priginoni – NY Knicks at Chicago
$3,100 Here$5,570 Here
Ray Felton tweaked his hamstring last night so it might open the door for more minuets for Pablo. If Felton does not get the start, you might want to get Pablo in.

Shooting Guard

Iman Shumpert – NY Knicks at Chicago
$4,600 Here$8,150 Here
Had a solid game 1 – but faces a tougher opponent tonight. However his price is below average on most sites.

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Cheaper Options:

J.J Redick – Starter, and the coach likes getting him the ball early. Probably won’t get you much but points, however, he’s only $5,100 here, which is cheaper option for a starter.

Klay Thompson – not a sleeper after last night, and won’t give you much more than points, but is $6,200 here … which is the average salary.

DeAndre Jordan – Had a huge game on opening night, and is a nice guy to play in leagues that give bonuses for double-doubles. He’s $6,100 here, which is below average.

Jimmy Butler – Had 20 and 5 steals on opening night, and is solid young player. D-Rose and Deng didn’t play well, so his upside might be limited if those two have better games, but he’s $6,200 here, which is average salary.

Jamal Crawford – comes off the bench, but usually gets points and a few assists. Only $5,000 here which is about $1,600 below average.


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