Daily NCAA College Fantasy Football WR Picks – Week 9

There are some pretty great matchups this week for WR’s that I think you’ll want to get involved in.

Week 9 QB Picks

Week 9 RB Picks

Brandin Cooks – vs Stanford
Goes against Stanford who isn’t really the best defense in the world. Should be another solid games for this star.

Antwan Goodley – vs Kansas
This is a great matchup and Goodley does great in these cupcake type games. Green light if you want to pay up.

Jeremy Johnson – vs Temple
A few weeks ago this guy lit up Rutgers for 18 catches and 217 yards with 3 TDs. Temple is just as bad or worse at covering the pass. Green light all the way for this guy.

Mike Evans – vs Vanderbilt
Nice matchup and he’s coming off a HUGE week where he had 287 yards and 4 TDs vs Auburn.

Sammy Watkins – at Maryland
Good matchup and he’s been fairly consistent all year. Pretty safe play here with some upside.

Jordan Matthews – at Texas A&M
Good matchup this week since his team should be behind and throwing most of this game.

Darius Joseph – vs Temple
Is cheaper than his teammate, and should get plenty of looks in this one. Temple D sucks, but so does SMU so this should be a great matchup.

Deontay Greenberry – at Rutgers
WRs have LIT up Rutgers this season, and depending on where you play daily fantasy, Greenberry is either expensive or a mid-priced option. For example, on this site he’s only $6,250 which is below what a WR with this opportunity should cost.

Tevin Reese – at Kansas
He won’t get you more than 6 catches, but that’s usually all you need. Cupcake matchup, but he’s done well this year in those.

Keenan Holman – vs Temple
I like him the least out of the 3 SMU WR’s, but he still probably good for a few catches in this one. He’s only $7,818 on this site – which is pretty cheap for a WR.

Kevin Smith – vs Cal
Not a guy you would normall start but he’s facing what is basically the worst passing defense you can possibly go against. A cheaper option, on this site he’s only $4,250 and this site he’s only $9,610 here which are both below average.


SUPER Cheap Options

DO NOT Play these guys unless you’ve just totally blown all your money!

Kendall Sanders – at TCU
Pretty good matchup this week, and Sanders has a few weeks where he has gotten 7 catches. He’s only $2,500 on this site and only $4,206 on this site.

Stacy Coley – vs Wake Forest
Miami is a big favorite and this guy does have 3+ catches in 4 games in a row. On this site he’s only $2,500 and on this site he’s only $3,525.

Shakim Phillips – at UCF
Not SUPER cheap, but on this site he’s only $6,935 which is over 1/2 off what the top 10 WRs will cost you.

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