Dr P’s Week 1 Daily Fantasy NFL QB Football Picks 9/8

Let’s take a look at some Week One NFL Daily Fantasy QB options.   With the new season upon us, there are some interesting options to go with for daily leagues.  You may want to save some salary and go with a lesser priced QB or you could spend big for the likes of Brees, Brady or Matt Ryan.  Here are the salaries for all QB’s on FanThrowdown for Week 1 of NFL action.

Price are for Fan Throwdown matches. Different sites will have different salaries.

High Priced Options:

Drew Brees – Saints – $14,850
Could shape up to be a high scoring game vs Atlanta. Either Ryan or Brees could be good options as they are almost a lock to get a few TD’s each.

Tom Brady – Patriots – $14,850
I’d probably rather have Brees on Fan Throwdown over Brady with them being priced the same. New England could go up big and start running the ball with their wide assortment of running backs. Brady should have a good game, but he may stop throwing by the 3rd quarter.

Matt Ryan – Falcons – $13,800
See Drew Brees
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Mid Priced Options:

Matthew Stafford – Lions – $12,900
Stafford could be in for a good year with the addition of Reggie Bush to help in the run and pass game. Not sure how good the Vikings defense is, but look for Stafford to get a few throwing TD’s.

RG3 – Redskins – $12,700
I expect Griffin to play well coming off his knee injury that ended his season during the 2012 playoffs.  They playbook may be dialed down, but look for RG3 to prove he is healthy and pick up some yards on the ground. They are playing an Eagles team whose defense I wouldn’t trust being able to contain Griffin the entire game.

Tony Romo – Cowboys – $12,700
Sometimes those Cowobys vs NY Giants games can be shootouts. Hard to say how the game will play out in week one, but Romo is a good bet for a couple TD’s, but maybe a few INT’s as well.


Low Priced Options:

ALex Smith – Chiefs – $9,800
With new coach Andy Reid, Smith could find some success in week one vs. the Jaguars. The question is will the Chiefs TD’s be through the air or on the ground? May not matter. Look for a couple TD’s from Smith, he could be a decent option.

Ryan Tannehill – Dolphins- $9,300
Playing the Browns, Tannehill may not light it up, but he could be a nice low priced option if you are spending big money on other positions.

Terrelle Pryor – Raiders- $8,000
The ballzy move would be to start Pryor and hope for the best. On his best day he could get a few rushing TD’s and maybe throw for a couple more. The Raiders offensive line is in tatters so he may be on the run a lot. There could be several 3-and-out drives which could be bad. It’s a gamble, but one that could pay off if you’re lucky.

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