DraftDay Daily Fantasy Website Review


Devices Tested On:

  • iPhone5 – Okay
  • iPad2 – Great
  • Firefox – Good

Summary: DraftDay was the very first daily fantasy sports site I ever signed up for because I was familiar with the founders work in the poker world as the creator of CardRunners, a poker training site. I’ve honestly had better luck winning money on other sites, but the software on DraftDay is fairly slick and performs well across a multiple array of devices. I have found that the Safari browser on the iPad is the best way to make my picks, but the software works well on just about anything.

DraftDay tends to have the rosters updated regularly and the green check-marks for starters in MLB games is fairly timely and accurate. Towards the end of the MLB season, when minor league players were being called up – DraftDay would have them available to be drafted immediately, while other sites did not. The stats also refresh fairly quickly as well, so as you are watching the action on TV – the stats will pop on your lineup shortly after.

Cons: Doesn’t usually have buy-ins for less than $1 (like .25 or .50 cents). The built-in rewards systems only starts giving you cash-back after $1,000 dollars of buy-ins. Buy-ins from $100-$999 dollars get access to a freeroll tournament. Another thing I don’t see (yet) is the ability to sub-out players before the action starts. For example, in MLB contests, you need to set your lineup for the 4:00 – 7:00 pm games without the ability to sub-out the guys who don’t play until 7:00 pm.

Pros: Great software, that works well across devices. Can sometime have some larger field tournaments running with buy-ins $2.20 and up. You can create your own private league and invite your friends in to play. Stats and scoring is reliable.

While it’s a risk to put money onto any daily fantasy sports site, this one is backed by a team of people who have built successful companies before – and don’t want their reputation hurt by not running a legitimate daily fantasy site. If you’re only going to sign up for one or two daily fantasy site – DraftDay should be on your short list.

DraftDay Promo Code: DailyFantasyGrind

Draft Day NFL Scoring System:


Pass TD = 6 pts
1 Pass Yard = 0.04 pts
Interception = -2 pts
1 Rush Yard = 0.1 pts
Rush TD = 6 pts
1 Receiving Yard = 0.1pts
Reception TD = 6 pts
Reception = 1pt
Return TD = 6 pts
2 pt Conversion = 2pts
Lost Fumble = -2pts


Sack = 1 pt
Interception = 2 pts
Fumble Recovery = 2 pts
Touchdown = 6 pts
Safety = 2 pts
Blocked Kick = 2 pts
Kickoff/PR Touchdown = 6 pts
Points allowed – 0 = 10 pts
Points allowed – 1-6 = 7 pts
Points allowed – 7-13 = 4 pts
Points allowed – 14-20 = 1 pt
Points allowed – 21-27 = 0 pts
Points allowed – 28-34 = -1 pt
Points allowed – 35+ = -4 pts


Extra Point Made = 1 pt
Field Goal Made = 3 pts
FG Yards* = 0.1 pts

*Added to kicks over 30 yards.

The DraftDay NFL scoring system favors QB’s that rack up touchdown scores. Another strategy to be keen on is that its a PPR, so running backs and WRs who get lots of catches have extra value. On the defensive side of the ball, one strategy would be to find a team that can return punts (since most kickoffs go in the end zone). Teams with good defenses usually force punts …. you get 6pts for your defense if they return a kick for a TD, so a good D can be a good offense in this scoring system.

Draft Day Baseball Scoring System


Single = 5 pt
Double = 10 pts
Triple = 15 pts
Home Run = 20 pts
Run = 5 pt
RBI = 5 pt
Walk = 5 pt
HBP = 5 pt
Stolen Base = 10 pts
Caught Stealing = -5 pts
Out = -1 pts* Note – Defined by at-bats minus hits


Win = 10 pts
Loss = -5 pts
Earned Run = -3 pt
IP = 3 pts*
Strikeout (K) = 3 pts
Walk = -1 pts
Hit = -1 pts
HBP = -1 pts

* Fractional scoring per out.

Pitchers Bonus:

Complete Game = 5 pts
Shut Out = 5 pts
No Hitter = 5 pts
Perfect Game = 5 pts

The strategy for daily fantasy baseball on Draft Day is really pitcher heavy. You get 10 points for a win and 3pts for a strikeout & inning pitched, so needless to say inning munchers that rack up strikeouts (like Kershaw) almost have to be in your lineup.

The other key difference between Draft Day’s baseball scoring and some other providers is that you get 10pts for a stolen base, making base stealers extremely valuable in this format.

Draft Day Fantasy Basketball Scoring System


Points (PTS) = 1 pt
3 Point Field Goal(3PT) = 1 pt
Missed Field Goal (MFG) = -0.25 pts
Missed Free Throw (MFT) = -0.25 pts
Assist (AST) = 1.5 pt
Rebound (REB) = 1.25 pt


Steal (STL) = 2 pts
Block (BLK) = 2 pts
Turnover (TO) = -1 pt

First thing you need to make note of when planning your Draft Day fantasy basketball strategy is that they they take off .25 points for each missed shot and free throw so guys like Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard might not be as valuable as they are in normal fantasy leagues.

The best strategy for the NBA is to start gauging the teams as the year goes along. Miami vrs the Bobcats might seem like a great matchup for LeBron, but he’s going to have to get most of his points in 3 quarters as blowout games will see your superstars subbed out. Examine the over/under lines for the NBA games each night, then determine what individual matchups are good that night. There are very few good defensive teams (or players) in the NBA, but knowing which teams and players play good D is good to know so you can avoid them at all costs. Additionally, there are teams like the Nuggets, Warriors, and others who play an up-tempo style that leads to lots of shots/opportunities. On the flip-side, the San Antonio Spurs are a great team, with great players – but they play good D and control the ball on offense.

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