Good Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Tournaments For “Beginners”

So you’ve dominated your season long contests a few times – and you’ve heard about these daily fantasy contests on TV or the radio but haven’t deposited any money or played in that many games.

It’s time to get off the sideline.

Daily fantasy sports is a trend that will continue to grow (as long as it stays legal in the US). Each day, NBA grinders are winning hundred and even thousands of dollars each night – just because they know the NBA better than others. I also prefer playing in NBA contests because unlike the NFL – there’s a new chance to win every day … not just every Sunday.

Like any endeavor that costs money, you should take things slow. That goes for investing in stocks, buying baseball cards, or gambling with real money online. Rule #1, #2 and #3 Never – ever – play for more money than you can afford to loose.

Now that we have that clear, lets talk about some of the NBA tournaments that these daily fantasy sports websites offer each night that games are played.

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$0.25 – $0.50 Fan Throwdow’s 50/50 Tournament

In these, you only have to risk a quarter or two and you have a 50% chance at doubling your money. I like using these to test out different strategies, like playing 4 studs and 6 value players, or playing all mid-priced players for a balanced team.

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$0.25-Cent Arcade DraftKings Tournament

I grind these every night, you can enter multiple times and a large percentage of the field is cashed out on most nights. You have a chance to 10X++ your money in these and are massive fields.

$2.00 – 1k – 5k Layup DraftKings Tournament

After you have some success in the .25 cent tournament. You can upgrade your game by playing in the $2 layup tournament that run. On the days where there are lots of NBA games, the price guarantee can swell to $5,000 – the winner takes home $500! For only $2 dollars.

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$1.00 Single Entry Tournament

These are pretty cool actually. In the previously mentioned tournaments – you can enter multiple times. That gives an advantage to experienced grinders or guys that just get lucky that night. With the single-entry tournament at Draft Day – you only get 1 shot. The top 25% of the field is paid out. There are a few sites that penalize for missed shots & free-throws – Draft Day is one of them. If you are used to playing in season long fantasy basketball contests that factor in field goal percentage & free-throw percentage, this is a good site for you.





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$2.00 DraftStreet 1.5k – 3k Guaranteed

Another site (like Draft Day) that penalizes you for missed shots to simulate the FG % and FT % stat. I prefer playing on the sites that don’t factor this in, but others can only play when this is factored in. There aren’t any tournaments cheaper than $2 on DraftStreet – so be prepared to spend a bit more than some other sites – but they have some massive guarantee tournaments that you can win huge. They often send offers via e-mail – so you might as well sign up for the site even if you don’t plan on playing there regularly.






$2.00 18k Guaranteed Tournaments

These are ridiculous in a good way. You can win a few thousand dollars if you win one of these! Shoot – finishing in the top 10 is a real good chunk of cash. Again, this is a daily fantasy sports website that takes into account missed shots – so get familiar with FanDuel – Rules and scoring

These tournaments should give you some good experience – all while not risking all that much money. Again, even if you’re a seasoned season long NBA fantasy basketball manager, be prepared to adjust to the daily formats. If anything playing in daily leagues will allow you to keep up with the NBA & it should help you with your season long fantasy games.

Good Luck!

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