So the 1st of August allows both of us to add $25 to our balances, It hasn’t been a great part of the season for me, as I believe this July was my first losing month of DF Baseball.


But the Dog days of August are here, when the trade deadline is over, and teams know if they’re fighting for 1st or just avoid 100 losses.

But here are my statistics for the first part our challenge. Including win percentage which is;

(100 / Contests Played) X Placed

Scan_20150119 (7)-001

Contests Played: 37

Played ($): 29.75

Placed: 5

Placed Wins ($): $15.00

Balance: $5.75

Profit: – $14.25

Win PCT: 13.5%


To be honest I was hoping for a 20% win rate & slightly higher pay outs, Although In April / May I was much more confident in selecting my teams. I thought I’d have played in more contests but sometimes so slates don’t offer as good a number of great match ups. Quite a few times I have finished with a team missing paid places by 1 solitary base hit (3 Points).

This August I will live by the motto of “It is better to die on your feet, than live on your knees.”


Looking at my statistic’s I think the MACHINE will have similar results.


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