Man vs Machine – MLB Daily Fantasy Lineup Picks 7/19

Hello again! To all our subscribers, social media followers and fans of the website – thanks for stumbling upon this today. Hope your DFS fantasy’s have been realized over the last few months while yours truly took a break from the action. It was a glorious time to take a break – and if it wasn’t for a good friend of mine getting a spark to play DFS – I’d probably still be on the sidelines waiting for college football DFS to pop up on a non-mainstream DFS site.

But until then the MLB season has been fun to watch this season. That being said, I really only know my home market team (San Francisco Giants) … and even then I can’t possibly watch every game on TV. Honestly, that’s probably like many of you out there since I know very few MLB guru’s. With that, a friend and I decided to start a segment on this blog called Man vrs Machine. There’s probably other examples of this in the DFS bloggingshpere … so don’t get all upset if you’ve seen this before.

However, expect to find daily lineups here from Martyn – our baseball guru who follows all MLB teams. He will provide his lineup & insights on those lineups based on a variety factors. However, the key point is that Martyn will only be relying on his baseball knowledge – and will not be using popular daily fantasy software to help him optimize/create lineups.

Me, myself and I won’t be doing any of that. will be utilizing the large number of free and paid daily fantasy lineup generators that are out there. Bottom line – I won’t be doing jack-shit other than hitting a button to get my lineup.

We’ll explain the format more as we go along – but let’s get to today’s MLB daily fantasy picks (pending lineup changes).

Man Picks

-Man picks are made by Martyn strictly on his baseball knowledge. This lineup will likely be a unique lineup given that Martyn will not be using the lineup generating software most DFS grinders rely on.

With a full slate of games today, the first thing to do is eliminate options. Let’s red flag certain pitchers.

The two biggest options Noah Syndergaard & Jake Arrieta go head to head. While the Mets aren’t posting crazy offensive numbers they are sluggers. As for the Cubs they can post numbers, with Bryant & Rizzo.

Noah Syndergaard (NYM) = RED FLAG

Jake Arrieta (CHC) = RED FLAG

Nathan Evoladi (NYY) gets the start against Baltimore = RED FLAG

Jake Peavy (SF) @ Fenway Park = RED FLAG

Options I’ll be entertaining are:

Tim Lincecum (LAA) $5,100 Vs Texas, Texas are 3 & 7 in last 10 games played.

Vince Velasquez (PHI) $9,700 Vs Miami, The Marlins are second last only to Atlanta in Home Runs so far this year, so there’s less chance of a terrible outcome.

Jameson Tailon (PIT) $8,800 Vs Milwaukee, the Brewers are second last in Total Bases so far again the Braves feature rock bottom. However Tailon is coming back from injury so check the clubs social media.

My main team is

SP Vince Velasquez (PHI) $9,700

Going up against a team 2 nd last in HR’s, His K/9 is 10.64 this season.

SP Tim Lincecum (LAA) $5,100

Once believed to be the best pitcher in baseball, Lincecum has so much upside for the $5,100 salary.

C Yasmani Grandal (LAD) $4,500

On pace to have his best season so far, he will be facing Reynaldo Lopez who is making his big league debut.

1B Edwin Encarnacion (TOR) $5,000

He averages a home run every 17 plate appearances, and plays in a very good line-up.

2B Jonathan Schoop (BAL) $4,400

Homered in last night’s game, and is 1 for 5 against Eovaldi.

3B Danny Valencia (OAK) $3,800

7 for 13, with 2 HR’s against Kuechel, so well worth a roster spot.

SS Marcus Semien (OAK) $4,100

6 for 15 against Kuechel, he would be the guy I’d change conditional on line ups but for now I feel

there’s a good chance at points.

OF Mookie Betts (BOS) $5,400

Red Sox at Fenway Park, Lead Off guy never encountered Peavy. Betts can rack up points in a blink of the eye.

OF Kris Bryant (CHC) $4,000

Tentatively picked against Syndergaard however if I’m going to technically bet against the pitcher I should try and enhance that, 2 for 5 with a triple against the Mets starter.

OF Andrew McCutchen (PIT) $3,400

Averaging 7.76 points per game is average but “Cutch” is a more than common player at an average price point. And I’d be contented with 8 points from the center fielder.

Here’s there average points per game in the first half of 2016.

SP Vince Velasquez (PHI) – 18.8

SP Tim Lincecum (LAA) – 6.5

C Yasmani Grandal (LAD) – 6.1

1B Edwin Encarnacion (TOR) – 9.62

2B Jonathan Schoop (BAL) – 7.92

3B Danny Valencia (OAK) – 7.7

SS Marcus Semien (OAK) – 7.3

OF Mookie Betts (BOS) – 10.76

OF Kris Bryant (CHC) – 10.51

OF Andrew McCutchen (PIT) – 7.76

Total = 93.97

Usually I would want to aim for an average of 100 points, however with Lincecum’s average low, I feel this team has some serious upside, and surely DFS is all about judging upside / downside. If this team did 25% better than the average totals, it’d rake in 117.46 which should place a team in the points. This team should get extra base hits, and be involved in some good offensive match ups.

Machine Picks

-Machine picks are made today using the RotoGrinders Free Lineup optimizer tool

Here is my Fanduel Lineup after I pressed a button:

P Carlos Martinez
C Victor Martinez
1B David Ortiz
2B Dustin Pedroia
3B Nolan Arenado
SS Marcus Semien
OF Randal Grichuk
OF Kole Calhoun
OF Adam Duvall

Here’s my Draftkings lineup

P Carlos Martinez
P Jake Peavy
C Buster Posey
1B David Ortiz
2B Jose Altuve
3B Nolan Arenado
SS Manny Machado
OF Carlos Beltran
OF Kole Calhoun
OF Ryan Braun

I’m tired. Pushing buttons is hard. LOL – honestly we’ll see. The point of this series will be to show you the head2head results of two players with different styles of selecting DFS lineups. What neither of us discussed today will be game selection with these lineups. Given that I (the machine) save so much time selecting a lineup – I should have plenty of time to try and enter the games that give me the optimal chance to win. We’ll save that discussion for the recaps tomorrow. Thanks again for checking us out again today. I promise you all if there’s meaningful College Football DFS to be played I will be the place to find your picks. Good luck.


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