This morning was a whirl of emotions, seeing both my Pitchers did well & that Hanley Ramirez had hit 3 Home Runs made me sure I was in the points. I should explain that I’m in a different time zone and feel asleep in the hot sun with the Tigers game on

In one team I had picked Tyler Collins who was a late scratch but in the same team Ian Kinsler homered so that was okay. Onto the main team, I think I said Hill should probably get the start, but he didn’t and with myself asleep I fell victim to line up changes.

Sadly my best team was in a large 25 cent competition.

Last Night’s Stat’s
Contests Played:
Total Stake: $1.50
Paid places: 1
Won: $3.50
Profit: $2.00




Thursday 21st July Picks

But onto Thursday, and I don’t see the point in entertaining the early 2 game slate, as you’d pretty much have to bet against yourself.

I’ll concentrate on the all-day slate.

And I’m going to stick my neck out & reward Hanley Ramirez with my 1st pick! Only 3.1% had him in my competition last night.

Of the qualified 63 pitchers from the 1st half,
Stephen Strasburg is 3rd in Points per game started with 26.5 DK points

My other choice is probably a whole lotta risk, Chad Bettis

Playing at Coors Field today, which will scare a lot of people but he faces the Braves. I’m not expecting super points from him, but his salary of $5,900 allows me to play Strasburg and compliment with good hitters.

At the all-star break the Rockies pitcher averaged 10.6 points per game, which while not a crazy amount would complement Strasburg & Hanley Ramirez.


So my team for today

Chad Bettis (COL) $5,900

Taking huge risk at the mile high Coors Field, however the opponents are the worst in baseball.

Stephen Strasburg (WSH) $13,300

4th best pitcher in the 1st half, and has a big fat 0 in the loss column.

Kurt Suzuki (MIN) $2,900

4 for 6 against the knuckleballer, as a catcher he may see that pitch a little better.

Hanley Ramirez (BOS) $3,800

What to do in a game when hit by pitch? Answer with 3 HR’s. Scored 50 points on Draft kings last night!

Jedd Gyorko (STL) $4,200

In the double header he totalled 3 HR’s, so is on form and facing a pitcher with a 5.05 ERA.

Todd Frazier (CWS) $4,100

At the half way point Frazier was 2nd only to Trumbo in HR’s, averaging 1 HR per less than 15 plate appearances.

Xander Bogaerts (BOS) $4,300

3 for 3 with 3 RBI’s & 1 HR career against the Twins starter Duffey today.

Jacoby Ellsbury (NYY) $3,700

10 for 43 against Chris Tillman, this means there’s a lot of video for the outfielder to study. Hopefully he’ll get to use his speed in today’s game.

Corey Dickerson (TB) $3,500

Just replaced Adam Jones, Dickerson is a worthy replacement.

Andrew McCutchen (PIT) $4,300

I may change “Cutch”; however I wanted to insert a Pirate against the Brewers starter Matt Garza who has a 5.75 ERA.

Remaining Budget: $100

Fullscreen capture 21072016 052041


Chad Bettis (COL) – 10.59

Stephen Strasburg (WSH) – 26.5

Kurt Suzuki (MIN) – 6.37

Hanley Ramirez (BOS) – 8.32

Jedd Gyorko (STL) – 3.23

Todd Frazier (CWS) – 8.52

Xander Bogaerts (BOS) – 9.81

Jacoby Ellsbury (NYY) – 7.58

Adam Jones (BAL) – 8.35 – Corey Dickerson (TB) – 6

Andrew McCutchen (PIT) – 7.76

Total = 97.03 – 95.03


With some 5 tooled players, and a few having current hot streaks I’d be hoping for 33% improvement on the averages,
which would net 129 points.
That total would more than likely place you in the money which is all you can ask for.



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