I’ll apologize my team yesterday scored an awful 69.4 points on draft kings; my best team last night scored 136.6 points, which was enough to win $1.25. So what went wrong?

4 Players scored nothing,

So last night I managed to lost $2, not the right direction but that just means I’ll be focused on more contests for today.

Last Night’s Stat’s                 
Contests Played:
Total Stake: $3.25
Paid places: 1
Won: $1.25
Profit: -$2.00


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Saturday 23rd July PicksScan_20150102 (14)-001

Today pitchers are going to take up much of your salary, with

Jose Fernandez vs NY Mets $13,900
Max Scherzer vs SD Padres $13,100
Chris Sale vs Detroit Tigers $12,300
Jacob deGrom vs Miami Marlins $11,400
David Price vs Minnesota Twins $11,100
John Lackey vs Milwaukee Brewers $10,600
Cole Hamels vs KC Royals $9,400
Hisashi Iwakuma vs Toronto Blue Jays $8,600
Kenta Maeda vs St. Louis Cardinals $8,500

Ignore the team names, and focus on the opponents rankings,
The St. Louis Cardinals & Blue Jays are in the top 5 for runs scored, so we can eliminate
Maeda, & Iwakuma. Onto team’s worst for runs scored and the Royals, Brewers & Mets are in the bottom 5

This is going to be a day, where you should play many lower value contests than usual and change your line ups. The game before the all-star break had Maeda looking almost immortal, but I’ll be leaving him out today.

It’s also a day, when you should be more decisive at game time, 30 minutes before game time check your line ups, and don’t be afraid to change a guy batting 9th for a better option leading off.

I tipped Manny Machado to do well last night, and he did well 23 points.


But today, this is one option of several I’ll be playing.

Cole Hamels (TEX) $9,400       

As mentioned above the Royals don’t score many runs, the 2008 WS MVP went 8 innings with 1 un earned run in his last start.

John Lackey (CHC) $10,600

The Brewers line-up isn’t scaring, Lackey isn’t going to dominate but he is a solid point’s scorer who should be able to go deep into games.

Cameron Rupp (PHI) $2,900

Rupp is a viable catcher for fantasy, & his salary for today is attractive.

Edwin Encarnacion (TOR) $4,300

Against Iwakuma he is 3 for 9 with 1 Home Run. The Toronto first baseman ranked 17th of all qualified hitters in the 1st half in points per game.

Yangervis Solarte (SD) $3,300

Solarte has been one of a few guys on the Padres who are a difference maker in games.

Nolan Arenado (COL) $4,600

In the 1st half Arenado averaged 9.95 points per game & is in Coors Field today.

Xander Bogaerts (BOS) $4,400

I probably play the X man more than any other player, as I watch the Red Sox more than any other team I constantly see him at the plate with runners on, and behind him are some monster hitters.

Adam Duvall (CIN) $3,300

Already 23 HR’s, prior to 2016 he only played in 27 games in 2015. Today he is in a HR friendly ballpark and facing a pitcher with a 4.49 ERA.

Billy Hamilton (CIN) $3,400

If he gets on base, he can swipe 2 bags in seconds. And I have a feeling this game will be full of runs.

Stephen Piscotty (STL) $3,700

During the current 5 game win streak the Cardinals have scored 27 runs, all of Piscotty’s 5 RBI’s have come on 2 HR’s.


Depending on line ups I’d be tempted to swap one of the reds outfielders, but based on the average points per game on Draft Kings for the whole of 2016 this team would post a total of 106.6 points.

With some friendly ballparks & matchups, this team has a real shot of improving on the seasonal averages. If the Red Sox run riot today then the #3 hitter Bogaerts should be a part of the action. And I’m hoping the Reds can post up some runs, as for Encarnacion I believe if any one of the Blue Jays gets to Iwakuma it’s either be the former Reds first baseman or Josh Donaldson.


So here’s hoping you have a great weekend, and that you do well in your contests.


Once again the Machine will come in later & tell you his results from last night.


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