Well when Pitchers are hitting homers but don’t get credit, it sucks.

Sadly Boston’s knuckleballer Wright struggled but I saw Detroit’s numbers and played a few Tigers including Miguel Cabrera who had a big fly. All my teams had players who struggled & players who did well; I was a little upset I didn’t place in at least 1 though.


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Last Night’s Stat’s
Contests Played:
Total Stake: $5.50
Paid places: 0
Won: $0.00
Profit: -$5.50


But onto Wednesday, And today I’m going to post a skunk team.

With Madison Bumgarner playing, he’ll be the most played player today, so in one contest I’m going to gamble that he falters. It’s a 25 cent gamble, and Madison Bumgarner could still score good points even allowing a Votto or Bruce HR.

They play the Reds and With Joey Votto & Jay Bruce’s prices down today, those two will be the core of my skunk team.

1B. Joey Votto (CIN) $3,500

OF Jay Bruce (CIN) $3,500

Added to the couple of Reds, onto another game and that the Padres will start with Perdomo RHP with an ERA of 6.93, So I’m going to add a few Blue Jays to the team.

OF Michael Saunders (TOR) $4,600     

3B Josh Donaldson (TOR) $5,400

And who is the next best pitcher behind “Mad Bum”, Stephen Strasburg?

SP Stephen Strasburg (WSH) $10,600

Took his first loss of 2016 last time out, but still scored well.


So here’s my line up, with the averages of the first half. A few were not qualified.

SP Jason Hammel (CHC) $9,300 – N/Q

SP Stephen Strasburg (WSH) $10,600 – 26.5

C Martin Maldonado (MIL) $2,600 – N/Q

1B Joey Votto (CIN) $3,500 – 8.21

2B Dustin Pedroia (BOS) $4,200 – 8.26

3B Josh Donaldson (TOR) $5,400 – 11.15

SS Freddy Galvis (PHI) $2,600 – 6.10

OF Jay Bruce (CIN) $3,500 – 8.92

OF Joc Pederson (LAD) $3,600 – N/Q

OF Michael Saunders (TOR) $4,600 – 8.55


This team could post good numbers, the chances of Jay Bruce & Joey Votto doing well is down, but so are the prices & the number of teams drafted on will be way down.

I fully expect Madison Bumgarner to have a good game, but if he doesn’t I have picked 2 of the 3 most likely to do the damage.


Well I think the Machine did worse than me, and he’ll post his results shortly.

Last night I practically whiffed, but managed to bubble and eek out $0.90 in one match – managing to lose $2.10 on the night. My downfall was primarily Francisco Liriano who was a -10 on Yahoo last night. When your starter is -10 before your other games kick off, it’s pretty much close window and wait for tomorrow – and that’s pretty much what happened.

Overall Stats
Contests Played:
Total Stake: $10.00
Paid places: 4
Won: $9.00

Tonight we’re sticking with RotoGrinders free lineup tool for Yahoo since it has come through on that site when the pitchers don’t blow up. In the past I’ve sourced pitchers from one site and batters from another. If RotoGrinders keeps bricking on the pitcher picks, I’ll make an adjustment.

Here is my lineup for Yahoo tonight

P – Yu Darvish
P – Adam Wainwright
C – Matt Wieters
1B – Paul Goldschmidt
2B – Ben Zobrist
3B – Adrian Beltre
SS – Jonathan Villar
OF – Ian Desmond
OF – Ryan Braun
OF – Ryan Rua

One thing that worries about the above lineup is the Texas/A’s rainout possible. I’ve used this lineup below too:

P – Lance McCullers
P – Adam Wainwright
C – Matt Wieters
1B – Anthony Rizzo
2B – Ben Zobrist
3B – Jung-Ho Kang
SS – Jonathan Villar
OF – Dexter Fowler
OF – Ryan Braun
OF – Starling Marte

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