My best team last night only scored 111.6 points; however that was good enough for $5,

I played a little more $ than normal, and this team had 1 non scorer.


But Jake Lamb & Miguel Cabrera combined for 59 points which is awesome.

I did have a team do marginally better with 112.3 points however that was in a 25 cent contest where prices didn’t fall. That team had Porcello, Pedroia & Machado who combined for 74.85 points.

Last Night’s Stat’s       
Contests Played:
Total Stake: $7.25
Paid places: 1
Won: $5.00
Profit:  -$2.25

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Onto Thursday and here’s my main team.

I’m going to stack against Jake Odorizzi.


P Cole Hamels (TEX) $9,800

The Indians rank 5th in runs scored, however the 2008 World Series MVP is in good form, and have potential to go 8 strong innings.

P Adam Wainwright (STL) $6,900

The Mets are a slugging team, however the rank 2nd last in runs scored and Batting average, Wainwright’s 4.71 ERA this year has hurt his career ERA but he can still be dominant.

C Mike Zunino (SEA) $3,500

Zunino has been one of the hottest catchers this past week, 3 HR in 14 at bats this past 7 days although he only has 4 hits total.

1B Hanley Ramirez (BOS) $3,700

Hanley will be the DH today giving the 40 year old MVP Ortiz a day off, and this season his average is 79 points higher when he DH’s rather than as a first baseman, He’s 2/5 lifetime against Odorizzi.

2B Dustin Pedroia (BOS) $3,400

Pedroia is 6/19 with 2 doubles & 1 home run against the Rays starter. He is batting .325 this August.

3B Eduardo Nunez (SF) $4,700

Nunez is hitting .348 in the past 7 days, so decent numbers can be expected.

SS Xander Bogaerts (BOS) $3,300

Bogaerts is 7/18 with 3 doubles & 1 triple against Odorizzi, He did go 0-5 yesterday but he’s well capable of good numbers.

OF Mookie Betts (BOS) $5,400

Mookie is 5/15 with 1 double & 3 walks against Odorizzi, already with 28 HR & 90 RBI the 23 year old is making it look easy.

OF Bryce Harper (WSH) $5,500

Over the last 15 days the Nationals outfielder has 2 HR, 11 RBI, 2 Steals & hitting .381.

OF Ben Revere (WSH) $3,600

Revere is 4/12 against Ubaldo Jimenez, however he has 3 steals against him, so maybe he has a read? The Orioles pitcher isn’t the same beast he was back in Colorado.

Remaining Budget: $200


This team is built, with the potential of multi hit, multi HR players. Of course if Odorizzi or Jimenez tosses 7 scoreless innings this team has no chance, but it’s a risk worth taking in a large competition.

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