Yesterday my early team performed well, as there were only 2 games,

James McCann of the Tigers was on fire scoring,

Coupled with both my starters Daniel Norris & Drew Pomeranz the 3 combined for 78.35 points.


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Last Night’s Stat’s       
Contests Played:
Total Stake: $3.25
Paid places: 1
Won: $2.40
Profit:  -$0.85


Onto today, and my first team will be.


P Mike Fiers (HOU) $8,000

He managed to hold Baltimore to a solo home run over 7 innings his last start. His season ERA is 4.41.

P Chris Sale (CWS) $11,700

His last time out he allowed 0 Runs, 3 Hits & 3 Walks over 8 innings against Oakland.

C Buster Posey (SF) $3,800

Posey hasn’t hit a home run since 16th of July, so some might say he is due.

1B Eric Hosmer (KC) $3,600

Hosmer is just 1 for 4 against knuckleballer Wright; however that hit was a Home Run.

2B DJ LeMahieu (COL) $4,900

LeMahieu is day to day, however he is 2/2 with 1 HR against Gonzalez.

3B Todd Frazier (CWS) $2,800

Frazier’s been stuck on 31 HR since August 9th, Just 1/3 against Hernandez but that 1 was a HR.

SS Freddy Galvis (PHI) $3,600

Galvis has 2 HR in the last 7 days, Against Colon he is 5/22 with 1 Double & 1 HR.

OF Matt Kemp (ATL) $3,400

Against the Giants starter he is 4/16 with 2 Home Runs.

OF Andrew McCutchen (PIT) $4,600

McCutchen is hitting .303 for August, 5/19 with a Homer against Brewers starter Matt Garza.

OF Justin Upton (DET) $3,500

In the last 7 days Upton is 8/20 with 2 Doubles, 3 Home Runs & 9 RBI’s. Against Nolasco he is 9/22 1 HR and 6 RBI’s.

Remaining Budget: $100


This team as a combination should be unique, and looks to have more upside, the season point’s averages may not look good, and however every player looks to be better than normal today.

If all goes to plan this team could score 140 Points, not enough to win a contest, but should be more than enough to place in the $.





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