I have been picking some pretty good players, just sadly not all on the same team.

My main team had one non scorer Paul Goldschmidt, However I felt quite cheated as in the bottom of the ninth with a tied game with the bases loaded Contreras at the plate sees a wild pitch and the run comes in to end the game, and right at the end of the night Albert Pujols drives the ball into the Anaheim night to end the game with Andrelton Simmons on deck.

126th with 144.6 points,

Carlos Gonzalez, Rick Porcello & Christian Yelich combined for 82.9 points.

That also means i’m batting .500 for August 🙂

Last Night’s Stat’s       
Contests Played:
Total Stake: $2.25
Paid places: 1
Won: $2.50
Profit: $0.25


Onto Thursday,

Be ready as the full slates start 12.10 pm ET, with the Rays – Royals game.


This is just a gut team, not comprehensively researched however the times I’ve done really well in the past is when I’ve just looked and picked.


P Drew Pomeranz (BOS) $9,400

I feel Pomeranz should cancel out any earned runs with strike outs, The Mariners are a good ball club but live by the long ball.

P Vince Velasquez (PHI) $8,700

A 3.32 ERA and almost has a 10 K/9

C Cameron Rupp (PHI) $3,400

Always a threat to go deep, the catcher position is one where very few players post big numbers.

1B Miguel Cabrera (DET) $4,400

Over the last 7 games Cabrera has gone 12 for 28 with 5 Home Runs.

2B Neil Walker (NYM) $3,700

17 for 33 with 1 triple, 2 doubles & 2 HR’s in last 8 games played.

3B Maikel Franco (PHI) $3,600

Franco already has 20 HR’s this year, I like the fact he swings for the fences every at bat when he’s home in Philadelphia.

SS Xander Bogaerts (BOS) $5,000

Is in a bit of a cold spell, but tonight faces a left handed starter, in 2016 he is hitting .333, The opposing pitcher Miranda’s ERA is 13.50.

OF Mark Trumbo (BAL) $4,500

Joint leader in HR with 30 so far this year, so hopefully he’ll connect on one.

OF Hyun Soo Kim (BAL) $3,600

In a hot spell, however he sat last night against a lefty. 15 for 13 his last seven days.

OF Jose Ramirez (CLE) $3,600

The Indian is 2 for 3 with 1 HR against Santiago, also hitting 400 over the last 7 days.


Remaining Budget $100


To be fairly honest I can see half of this team score 0 points, on the other hand I can see every single one of them with double digits, so worth a shot at 25 cents in a large pool. If the Orioles & Phillies are putting up runs then I should be happy.

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