NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball – Sleepers + Cash Game Picks 1/23

Back in the saddle again today with NBA content. Sorry about no post yesterday – I came down with an eye infection so it was simply difficult to focus on a computer screen for very long.  I did end up getting a lineup in yesterday & winning some money, so I’ll go over that in the recap. But for today, Saturday January 23, 2016 – we’ve got a tidy 7/8 game slate with some target scores and some cash game/GPP core targets for tonight.

Here are the target scores for each of the slates. Personally – I think I’m probably going to play the middle two slates, with my preference being the 9pm 4 game slates … so I’ll have essentially 2 extra hours to build lineups if I need it.

Draftkings (7pm 8 Games): 260
Draftkings (8pm Turbo 2 Games): 240
Draftkings (9pm Late 4 Games): 250
Draftkings (10:30pm Later 2 Games): 250

Fanduel (7pm 7 Games Main): 290
Fanduel (8pm 2 Games Express): 260
Fanduel (9pm 4 Games Late Night): 280
Fanduel (10:30pm 2 Games After Hours): 275

Here are the cash game and GPP core targets for tonight.

Draftkings (7pm 8 Games): Clarkson, Cousins, Rubio
Draftkings (8pm Turbo 2 Games): Rubio, Love, LeBron, Jimmy Butler
Draftkings (9pm Late 4 Games): Cousins, Paul George, Clarkson
Draftkings (10:30pm Later 2 Games): Cousins, Paul George,

Fanduel (7pm 7 Games Main): Rubio, Paul George, Anthony Davis, Marc Gasol
Fanduel (8pm 2 Games Express): Rubio, Lebron, Kevin Love, Marc Gasol
Fanduel (9pm 4 Games Late Night): Brandon Knight, Lillard, Paul George, Cousins
Fanduel (10:30pm 2 Games After Hours): Clarkson, Lillard, Paul George, Cousins

Not a ton of low-end value, but certainly some things in the middle-tier is where you want to be. Myles Turner is lighting it up since given a boost in playing time & could likely be streamed in 100% type lineups if you’re not worried about diversifying/reducing risk.

G – Archie Goodwin
$3,700 Fanduel

F – Ed Davis
$4,200 Fanduel

F – Al-Farouq Aminu
$5,100 Fanduel

F – Mike Scott
$3,400 Draftkings
$3,500 Fanduel

C – Myles Turner
$4,100 Draftkings
$4,200 Fanduel (PF)

C – Spencer Hawes
$3,600 Draftkings

1/22 Recap: So yesterday I felt like I had an eyelash stuck in my eye for the early part of the day. Turns out things just kept getting worse, so I figured I probably had an eye infection. Luckily my eye doctor was able to see me at night (shortly after lineups locked lol) and was able to get some drops & such. I feel much better today, except when I look in the mirror it looks like I was up all night drinking & smoking.

I was able to get a lineup in one of the partial slates yesterday. I’ve simply been focusing on cash games more recently just because the time required to build out NBA GPP lineups requires 100% focus, and I don’t think I have that right now. As someone reading this looking to get better – I think being self aware of you’re effort level is good. I have some friends that can grind DFS 24/7 with no problems. They typically tend to be in their 20’s and don’t have too much else going on in life … which isn’t a bad thing. To that I would say – grind as much as you’re responsibly managing a bankroll. For people like me – I just turned 34 – so I’m not bouncing off the walls like I was 10 years ago, and I certainly have more things that I accomplish on a daily basis now too. If that’s the case with you – maybe you have kids, family … ect – I think really targeting specific slates, or even matchups/spots is better than just blindly firing off a lineup or two into the main slate GPPs. At the same time, I’m only playing low stakes cash games right now because the $1 games are simply much easier to have a 100% winning night than $5+ unless you have your s**t together. If you’re an ultra-casual NBA DFS play – please think about sticking to $2 or less games, and target the smaller slates that contain teams you are familiar with.

Anyway, last night wasn’t anything too special. I had 5 wins with this lineup, which wasn’t all too difficult to come up with. Okay, so outside Cory Joseph, everyone did about what I needed them to do. I remember building lineups and basically had to make the decision to fade Westbrook – and hope the rest of my guys would come through. Honestly, I will likely go back to playing/focusing more on GPPs because I simply feel I’m better in the long run at picking GPP lineups. Obviously cashing is cool, but getting only 16 fantasy points out of the PG position … even when I’m intentionally punting the spot isn’t ideal.

Fanduel NBA DFS Lineup 1-22

Overall, not terrible. Can’t be too upset with cash in the FD account. However, I think we all can learn – just because you cash, doesn’t mean you can’t learn something and try to get better. The fun part of NBA DFS is we can all come back tonight and try some new strategies that hopefully make us more consistent. My goals for tonight is likely simply play some cash games in the 9pm slate. If I feel like staring at a computer screen more – I’ll shoot some GPPs in too, especially if there’s late breaking news/GTDs, crazy weather … ect. Good luck!

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