NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball – Sleepers + Cash Game Picks 1/24

Got a nice day of NBA action today. With an eye infection, it’s almost criminal I go out in public, so staying inside and watching TV sounds great to me. I won’t be like most American zombies watching the NFL – in fact I don’t know who’s playing in the NFC championship! But I’ll watch almost every second of the NBA games today! That’s good for you because we’re here to cover NBA daily fantasy basketball for Sunday January 24, 2016.

Target scores are about standard tonight.

Fanduel (3:30 Main 4 Games): 280
Fanduel (6:00 Late 3 Games): 280

Draftkings (3:30 Main 4 Games): 255
Draftkings (6:00 Late 2 Games): 245

Pretty standard who you’ll be targeting today in cash and GPPs. I think Covington will likely be a higher owned mid-tier guy that you can probably use in many lineups.

Fanduel (3:30 Main 4 Games): Westbrook, Durant, Covington, Harden
Fanduel (6:00 Late 3 Games): Westbrook, Durant, DeAndre Jordan

Draftkings (3:30 Main 4 Games): Durant, DeAndre Jordan, Kyle Lowry
Draftkings (6:00 Late 2 Games): Lowry, DeAndre Jordan, Ish Smith, Covington

Not a ton of obvious value – and likely you won’t need to dig too deep. Ty Lawson could emerge later today as viable if Beverley is ruled out. If anything cracks open, I’ll be updating this as the day goes on.

G – Jamal Crawford
$4,300 Fanduel

F – Josh Smith
$3,600 Draftkings

F – Patrick Patterson
$3,600 Draftkings
$3,600 Fanduel

1/23 Recap: Really good night again for me last night. I only played the Late-Night slate on Fanduel. I can’t jump up and down too much because I’m playing $1 games – and if you see some of the lineups from the bottom 10% you’d probably chuckle at some of the guys people are playing. Right now I’m in a groove picking cash games – in fact lineup overlap was so large last night – you’ll notice I didn’t win the full $1.80 in some games.

Last night when Brandon Knight was ruled out – it basically resulted in about 90% of your lineup being filled out in this slate because Archie Goodwin and Devin Booker became auto-starts. Myles Turner (as I told you guys yesterday) was basically an auto start. Given their salary, you could then roster Lillard, Paul George and Cousins easily. After that – your lineup could differ depending on if you’re playing cash or GPP. McCollum I liked against LA. Casspi is a solid cash game target since the coach trusts him. And Julius Randle was starting – so I think that made him a quality play.

Fanduel NBA DFS Lineup 1-23

Overall, pretty standard night where it actually took me more time to enter 11 contests than fill out the lineup! Honestly this gets boring pretty quick for me – so I’ll either need to bump it up in stakes or play GPPs more again. If you’re in a similar situation – in my experience stakes above $5 on Fanduel are pretty similar … so if you have the bankroll (and skill) don’t be scared to jump into $10, $25 games if you’re winning at the $5 level. If you are struggling at the $5+ level …. jump back down to the $1/2 level because the gap in skill is noticeable. Get your confidence rolling, then jump back up to the $5 level.

Tonight, I’m still suffering from an eye infection so I don’t feel like grinding on a computer screen too long. With that being the case – I’m going to keep the ball rolling – playing about $10 – $20 of cash games. It’s going to be tough entering the early/main slate on Fanduel with much confidence because of lineup lock, so depending on how I feel I might just focus on the 3 game slate on FD. Although I like scenarios like that for GPPs so I might take a shot at one of the $2 shots on FD. Draftkings will probably be where I focus the early games, but 2 game late slate doesn’t appeal to me much.

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