NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball – Sleepers + Cash Game Picks 1/26

Got a unique 8 game Tuesday slate, and FanDuel’s got a slate starting 7:30 … so truly a unique night to play!! Today I have target scores, some cash game targets, some sleeper picks and proof that you can use Anthony Davis in cash games!!

Here are the target scores depending on what slate you are playing on Tuesday January 26, 2016:

Draftkings 7pm (8 Game Main): 265
Draftkings 8pm (3 Game Late): 256
Draftkings 10pm (2 Game Later): 255

Fanduel 7pm (8 Game Main): 295
Fanduel 7:30pm (4 Game Express): 275
Fanduel 10pm (2 Game After Hours): 280

Here are the cash game targets I’m looking at:

Draftkings 7pm (8 Game Main): Lillard, Cousins,
Draftkings 8pm (3 Game Late): Lillard, Cousins, Monroe
Draftkings 10pm (2 Game Later): Clarkson, Cousins, Rondo, Parsons, Dirk

Fanduel 7pm (8 Game Main): Lillard, Paul George, Cousins
Fanduel 7:30pm (4 Game Express): Westbrook, Gortat, DeRozan, Thad Young, Durant
Fanduel 10pm (2 Game After Hours): Lillard, Parsons, Cousins, Dirk

Here are some sleeper guys I’ll be targeting. In the shorter slates, you can use these guys pretty liberally in cash games. In the full slate you want to pick your spots.

G – Archie Goodwin
$4,100 Fanduel

F – PJ Tucker
$4,500 Fanduel

F – Willie Cauley-Stein
$4,300 Fanduel
$4,800 Draftkings

C – Salah Mejri
$3,500 Draftkings

1/25 Recap: I actually finished about 90% of my post yesterday but didn’t post it because I wasn’t going to be around later in the day to update it. Today – I should be around all day to update the sleepers/cash game picks for later today. That being said, I still was able to play yesterday – and have a lineup to show you proving that you can still roster Anthony Davis in cash games!!

Okay, so I’ve seen DFS grinders jump off the ledge when it comes to Anthony Davis in cash games. And I agree – in full slate (8+ NBA games) you shouldn’t be playing Anthony Davis in cash games. That’s been my rule all year, it just happens that I’ve been focusing more on short slates in the last month or so. That being said, I believe it’s going to be a big mistake fading Anthony Davis in short slate (3-5) game cash contests.

So if you still want to play Anthony Davis in cash (or are scared to fade him when he comes back) I would simply play him in the shorter slate contests. If he gets hurt – likely ownership rates will be high enough for it to not hurt you. If he goes-off … the morons that don’t play him will probably have very little chance to cash. Certainly not a hard/fast rule – because if Curry, Harden, LeBron, Durant, Westrbook (for example) are all available in a partial-slate with AD … I’d probably fade Anthony Davis. However, if Anthony Davis is clearly one of the best players available, he’s a 100% start in my opinion.

Last night was pretty easy, I actually entered this lineup on my phone – which I don’t really advise except in desperation type situations, and certainly low-stakes. If you’re a full-time grinder you can probably get away with it a bit more, but I like to have all my tools right in front of me. I know Harden and Ariza blew up – but the rest of my lineup wasn’t that great, however good enough to get the job done because Anthony Davis in this slate was 79%++ owned. When AD returns, he could be closer to 60% owned in these partial slates … and if he gets 50+ fantasy points, it will probably be a 100% win type situation as long as you don’t bomb the rest of your selections. I know AD killed a bunch of you guys last night in GPPs and full slate cash, but you have decent odds to get it all back the next time he suits it up. Good luck!

NBA DFS Lineups Fanduel 1-26

Tonight, I’m going to be sticking to the same plan. $5 – $20 in cash games depending on how I feel. I’m actually doing pretty well in these low stake cash games, so it’s hard to pivot to another strategy until I get really bored with it. I think I’ll pickup playing GPPs again later this week since I’m getting the itch to really expand my range of lineup possibilities. Plus the chance of winning $100’s or even $1000s of dollars in one night is a bit more exciting than $5 dollars here and there. There’s also some new tools down the pike from Fantasylabs that should make building multiple lineups easier using their software.

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