NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball – Sleepers + Cash Game Picks 1/6

I’ve been playing NBA DFS the last few days, but simply didn’t have the time required to actually suggest plays to everyone. Sorry about some inconsistencies. However, I’m really excited to be back today and talk about a large slate. I’ll post the target scores & such for each slate on January 6, 2016. I also cover some game selection that I’m employing on large slates like this.

Here are the target scores for each of the slates. As of posting, only DK had the partial slates posted …. will look into the Fanduel one’s later in the day.

Draftkings (7pm 11 Game slate): 265
Draftkings (8pm 3 Game slate): 250
Draftkings (9pm 3 Game slate): 255
Draftkings (9:30pm 2 Game slate): 250

Fanduel (7pm 11 Game slate): 305
Fanduel (8pm 3 Game slate): 275
Fanduel (9pm 3 Game slate): 290
Fanduel (9:30pm 2 Game slate): 270

Here are some of the players I’ll be targeting in cash games depending on the slate.

Draftkings (8pm 3 Game slate): DeAndre Jordan, Brook Lopez
Draftkings (8pm 3 Game slate): Hayward, Anthony Davis,
Draftkings (9pm 3 Game slate): DeAndre Jordan, Ibaka, Gasol
Draftkings (9:30pm 2 Game slate): Westbrook, Ibaka, Gasol, DeAndre Jordan

Fanduel (8pm 3 Game slate): Withey, Anthony Davis, Hayward
Fanduel (9pm 3 Game slate): Westbrook, CP3, Deandre Jordan, Ibaka
Fanduel (9:30pm 2 Game slate): Westbrook, CP3, Deandre Jordan, Ibaka

Here are some value guys – this list should grow quite a bit as the day moves on.

G – Dion Waiters
$3,700 Draftkings

G – Devin Booker
$4,300 Draftkings
$3,600 Fanduel

F – Mizra Teletovic
$4,200 Draftkings
$3,900 Fanduel

F – Aaron Gordon (GPPs only)
$3,800 Draftkings
$3,600 Fanduel

1/5 Recap – I didn’t have time to post an article because I was tied up until about 4pm yesterday … however, games didn’t tip-off until 5pm, so I had just enough time to get 2 lineups in because there weren’t too many games to pick from.

I’m really enjoying playing partial slates … especially on Fanduel where you’re limited to the number of plays at each position based on the format you’re playing, matchups … ect. Also – I like that Fanduel has no late-swap, so once lineups are locked … you sit back and watch the games. On Draftkings, you’re almost forced to follow any late-breaking start/sit because there’s a fairly huge edge in late-swapping. The problem with Fanduel is you have incredible lineup overlap on the 2 game slates … so your odds of winning a tournament outright is fairly slim probably. However, anything over 3 games – and you should get enough lineup diversity that separating yourself shouldn’t be too hard. When I’m in the mood to play more 2 game slates, I might move my action to Draftkings – because the G/F/UTL spots allow you to create more unique lineups.

I honestly don’t care too much where you play DFS – but for me, when I have less time/energy to play DFS – I tend to go to Fanduel because there’s no late swap. When I think I have a huge edge (usually in College Football H2H contests) I usually post almost 100% of my action on Draftkings. Also – I avoid Fanduel almost 100% when you have to lock your lineup without knowing the status of the later games. One example was the big $300 College Football tournament they just had – you had to lock your lineup several days before other games were played (and before Boykin got suspended). Another example is Saturday/Sunday All-day contests on Fanduel lock in the morning before knowing the status of the later game GTDs.

Anyway, I know some players I talk to simply play on FD/DK for reasons other than winning money. But if you like making money – think about what kind of player you are (it can change nightly) and target the site you think fits your style the best that night.

Onto my lineup.

Fanduel Lineup 1-4-16

As you can see – I entered 2 lineups, with the one pictured being the best. My other lineup had JJ Barea …. which turned out to be a terrible play, however on Fanduel I do like taking shots on GTDs (or late start info) because there’s lots of people on Fanduel who set their lineups earlier in the day – so they typically play more chalky (non-injured) type plays. If Deron Williams doesn’t play …. my other lineup probably finishes even higher than this one since I think JJ Barea was only 24% owned (which is pretty low for a short slate like this).

Most of the winning lineups I saw had most of the players I had. The only change I needed to make was Gasol as PF instead of Green. That would have allowed me to come up from Parter to Taj Gibson (a guy I really wanted to roster). Honestly, I needed to have a bit more time and build out 4 or 5 more lineups … while I may not have won, I probably could have cashed 3/4 or 3/5 lineups if I had pushed it a bit more.

I loved MCW, Collison, Beli, Middleton, Cousins – mainly because of rotation … I just felt each player had a chance to play more minuets than normal. You either played Klay Thompson or Butler at SG, so Butler was pretty easy choice too. Obviously the Kings game goes 2OT – but even before that happened – my lineup was basically in the same position cash-wise in the tournament. My results hinged on Draymond Green coming up with another huge game (and the Lakers staying with GSW). Green was a mistake and a lazy pick. Sure he could go off for 50 again and I look like a genius, but it wasn’t a good spot against the Lakers – who were without Kobe, Dlo (and any other real talent). That being said, before lock (I’m pretty sure) I only knew Dlo was out.

Overall I’m very happy with my NBA results over the last few days where I’ve been very selective with my game selection due to limited time. Today – my focus will still likely be the GPPs in the 2/3 game partial slates because I simply feel that is my wheel house right now. I have pre-registered for a few GPPs in the 11 game slate … and I literally couldn’t land on one player comfortably.

Remember, I follow the NBA very closely & watch a large percentage of the games on multiple TVs each night. If I don’t have 2+ hours to devote to research/lineup building – I avoid the main/large NBA slates. 3 or 4 years ago … honestly it didn’t matter too much, as there was more dead-money in lineups, and twitter wasn’t used by everyone for injury news yet. Now everyone is on a level playing field with injury news timing and people have gotten better at NBA DFS. If you’re just casually following the NBA – I would probably avoid the large 7+ game slates and focus on the 2-5 game slates. Typically the plays are more obvious, and I’d rather a casual player focus more on 3 or 4 games, instead of trying to pick from 10+. In the mini-slates you can almost play chalk at most spots (especially on Fanduel) – but pivot off a guy (or two) who might be less-owned but has equal/greater upside potential.


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