NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball – Sleepers + Cash Game Picks 1/7

Tonight is another partial slate NBA daily fantasy basketball for January 7, 2016 – which as you will see I’ve become a big fan of the partial/small slate. One reason is they simply require less time investment, which for me, is my most valuable asset. Another reason I like the shorter slates is you can have surprise DNPs from key players ++ make lineup mistakes and still cash well up in the money. That NEVER happens in full slate GPPs. Some might call that luck – I call it pure skill!!!! Game selection (and site selection) is as important as building lineups – so make sure you’re thinking about it – especially if you’re struggling/new to NBA DFS.

Here are the target scores for each of the slates. Since each slate is so similar, I think you can get some exposure to different players in each one depending on how much volume you plan on playing. I will assume a large number of grinders will take a 7pm lineup and make that fit for 8pm. So you can look at 7pm ownerships on Fanduel and make some 8pm lineups based off that.

Draftkings (7pm 4 games): 255
Draftkings (8pm 3 games): 255

Fanduel (7pm 4 games): 275
Fanduel (8pm 3 games): 277

Here are the cash game – and even GPP – targets I’m looking at tonight as my core group I’ll rotate around. Rondo being ruled out, or anyone else of that caliber, will change things – so stay tuned.

Draftkings (7pm 4 games): Harden, Milsap, Gasol, Beverley
Draftkings (8pm 3 games): Harden, Gasol, Rondo, Beverley

Fanduel (7pm 4 games): Beverley, Rondo, Harden, Milsap, Gasol
Fanduel (8pm 3 games): Beverley, Rondo, Butler, Harden, Gasol

I don’t think you need to dig too deep for value tonight, but it depends on what happens later in the day.

G – Evan Turner
$5,800 Draftkings

F – Amir Johnson
$4,400 Draftkings
$4,400 Fanduel

F – Bobby Portis
$3,900 Fanduel

C – Jeff Withey
$4,700 Fanduel

C – Kelly Olynyk
$4,300 Fanduel

11/6 Recap: Last night went essentially exactly how I had planned it yesterday. I really think it’s important to have a plan playing DFS – but especially NBA since it’s every night and repeating your successful processes is the most important thing you can do. I wanted to play a few more of the slates, but as I was building lineups – the only slate I was able to really feel comfortable with was the 6pm 3 game slate that featured the Clippers & Suns as the two main teams I was targeting due to injuries to key players in those teams rotations.

Like I said yesterday, I really like playing on Fanduel in the short slates because decisions are almost made for you. One of those decisions in this slate was you basically were forced to roster CJ McCollum. I remember last night CJ was off my radar – but I would have needed to leave over $1,000+ on the table if I wanted to keep the rest of my roster (which I was happy with). Ultimately – as you can see, taking a zero +++ Ibaka’s poor game didn’t stop me from cashing high up in this tournament because it was a short slate. In a full slate – I’m probably coming in last with a lineup like that. That’s why yesterday I explained that if you’re a casual DFS NBS player – target the shorter slates (3-5 games on Fanduel) 2-3 games on Draftkings.

I should have pivoted off Ibaka once I knew Durant was starting, but similar to McCollum – there wasn’t a ton of other options at that spot, and ultimately Ibaka’s salary fit the rest of my lineup. I basically wanted CP3, Knight, Jordan & Durant on Fanduel. Booker really fit salary wise and was a nice punt at PG. Teletovic has been getting more mins and can get hot so I like him as a GPP play at least for the next week or so. Everything else is about standard. While McCollum looks like it should put me on tilt – keep in mind he was 68% owned + my lineup would look completely different if he’s not in the lineup, and I may not have cashed at all in that case.

The point is – I wanted to show you this result. I had a player DNP out of the blue. Ibaka had a bad game – and I made a mistake playing him since his value was tied to Durant not playing. I still finished well up in the money.

Draftkings 1-6-16 NBA DFS Lineup

Draftkings was a different story. I basically was on the same players on DK that I liked on Fanduel: Booker, Teletovic, CP3, DeAndre Jordan. I ended up deciding to pay up for Lillard because I thought he was the only superstar that would go low owned because he just coming back from injury. Honestly – the coach said 2 days ago he’d play without limitations so I trusted the news source and went with him. Clearly McCollum not playing was a nice boost as well.

Draftkings 1-6-14 NBA DFS Lineup

As you can see – on Draftkings because of the G/F/UT spot … you’re not forced into plays like you are on Fanduel. The only play I was forced into was Mbah a Moute …. who is a starter, but doesn’t put up big stats. He basically was the only playable player (I felt at the time) I could start at that salary at PF. This lineup is a good example of how punting in 2 positions (Moute/Allen) can really be a useful strategy on these short slates …. especially if you’re really confident in the other plays, which I was.

Tonight – it’s a shorter main slate – so I’ll have some entries in the full slate, but again plan on attacking the partial slates since my track record over the last 2 weeks have been pointing me in that direction. Good luck!

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