NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball – Sleepers + Cash Game Picks 11/13

It’s Friday the 13th – hopefully that brings some extra special luck to you all today playing NBA daily fantasy. These are my cash game, value picks and recap from last night for NBA DFS Friday November 11, 2015. Tonight we have 11 games on the schedule and tons of injuries that should effect playing times. I’m going to assume tons of people will be on Westbrook with Durant out … but unless he goes off for 60+ fantasy points, Westbrook’s upside is priced in quite a bit right now. In my book that makes him a tournament play since he’s capable of going off for 60+ but paying for the exceptional to happen in cash games isn’t usually a winning – long term – strategy.

Target Scores for tonight:

Draftkings: 275
Yahoo: 265
Fanduel: 295

Here are the players I’m building cash game lineups around tonight:

Draftkings: Marc Gasol, Rondo, Wiggins
Fanduel: Marc Gasol, Rondo
Yahoo: Marc Gasol, Rondo, Favors

Here are guys I think have a low salary based on the kind of production they are likely to put up. This list will likely change/grow as the night goes on. I will try to narrow it down a bit since it can literally go on forever now that injuries, back/back games are being played in the NBA.


G – Shabazz Napier
$10 Yahoo
$3,700 Fanduel
$3,200 Draftkings
(Oladipo is out)

G – Andre Roberson
$3,000 Draftkings

G – TJ McConnell
$5,000 Fanduel

G – Dion Waiters
$14 Yahoo
$4,000 Draftkings

G – Devin Harris
$10 Yahoo

G – Jose Calderon
$10 Yahoo

F – Evan Turner
$16 Yahoo

F – Omri Casspi
$12 Yahoo
$5,000 Fanduel

F – James Johnson
$11 Yahoo
$3,800 Fanduel

F – Bojan Bogdanovic
$10 Yahoo

11/12 Recap – Last night I decided to play zero cash games and just play in 2 tournaments. A $250k on FD and a $20k on FD were my choice, mainly because I was running thin on time before tip-off. I ended up getting the best score, result, and highest dollar amount cash I’ve had all season! Overall it was a great night, and it was all setup by some of the late scratches that happened last night.


1-1 Tournaments (Fanduel)

In my opinion, there were 2 absolute must superstars you needed to have last night – Curry and Favors. I liked Curry because he’s Curry – and I thought Minnesota would be able to hang with GSW at home long enough to keep Curry in the game for 4 quarters. Favors was just simply underpriced again. Once Gobert was ruled out – it was a no-brainer.

Okay, now this is where it gets interesting. I decided to use the strategy to target players facing teams that were hampered by injuries. So Bledsoe because Clippers were missing Reddick (and then Paul). I liked Bosh, Whiteside, Winslow and Johnson, because when Gobert was ruled out for Utah – that frees up a ton of room in the middle of the court. Winslow was a calculated flyer with D-Wade out …. turns out that was my weakest selection. TJ Warren was a lucky hit – but with Curry, Bledsoe, Favors, Bosh, Whiteside – I had to cut somewhere. Tyler Johnson was another lucky hit – but I figured there’d be some room in the backcourt in Miami with D-Wade out.

Overall I was only about 30 points off the top score in this tournament, meaning just one move could have scored me $20k!!! Pretty good for a $2 entry. On short slate night, or even the late-night partial slates the sites sometimes run … I will likely continue to play tournaments over cash because I feel you can run a stars/scrub lineup that has a chance to hit. One other side note – remember that these short TNT slates are often where superstars shine because the games are on TV. These guys all make good money, it’s the ego that is often underpaid in the NBA. When superstars get on TV – they want to play well … as evident last night.

FANDUEL NBA Lineup 11-12

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