NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball – Sleepers + Cash Game Picks 11/14

Last night was another good night for me personally in both cash games and tournaments. Now that the NBA roles/salaries are starting to normalize a bit, you should really be winning at an above average rate if you’re a quality player. If you are struggling a bit – I would work on game selection. Possibly step down in stakes if you are higher than $1/$2. Sign up for games at different times of the day. In the morning on Yahoo – I enter $1 NBA games and Condia & other high-bankroll grinders are entered. If you wait until the afternoon or closer to gametime – you’re often playing against a softer field. Another thing will be to invest more time in building your lineups. The only thing that keeps me out of more action is I often spend at least 30 – 60 mins building a lineup so I run out of time to enter games. I feel like I know virtually every player/role in the NBA because I’ve grinded season long leagues since 2005. If you are just willy-nilly filling out your lineups, expect the results to be inconsistent.

If you spend the time, research and are still struggling – I would suggest adding another tool to your arsenal. Personally I use FantasyLabs for MLB, NFL and NBA. Honestly, the MLB saved me so much time that it paid for the entire years service in one season. With the NBA, it allows me to identify key players a little faster than I would on my own. With the NFL, I like it because I study so much NBA/NCAA that I actually know the least about the NFL … so it’s allowed me to stay in action in some of the juicy NFL games. If you only play in a few games a night, it’s probably not worth it for you – but if you’re grinding even $30 – $75 per night like I do … the $2/day price is nothing when you factor in the time you save. I suggest try it, you can always cancel if you need to – and they alert you a few days before the service renews so if you change your mind on the coming month, you can cancel.

Anyway, on to the nights picks. Here are the guys I’m going to be targeting in cash games depending on the site I’m playing on.

Draftkings: Reggie Jackson, Griffin
Fanduel: Harden, Griffin,
Yahoo: DeAndre Jordan, Love, Bledsoe

Here is the target score I’m shooting for with my projections tonight.

Draftkings: 265
Fanduel: 288
Yahoo: 250

Here are the NBA daily fantasy sleepers/value picks that I think have a shot at reaching value fairly easily if they reach projections tonight.

G – TJ McConnell
$5,000 Fanduel

G – Patty Mills
$3,200 Draftking
$3,700 Fanduel
$10 Yahoo

G – Devin Harris
$10 Yahoo

G – Greivis Vasquez
$11 Yahoo

G – Raymond Felton
$10 Yahoo

F – Stanley Johnson
$10 Yahoo

F – Terrence Jones
$15 Yahoo

F – Bojan Bogdanovic
$3,800 Draftkings
$4,200 Fanduel
$10 Yahoo

F – P.J. Tucker
$3,400 Draftkings

C – Clint Capela
$12 Yahoo


11/13 Recap – Ended up being a light night for me, but a profitable one in both tournaments & cash. Target scores were a bit lower because I think guys blew all their money on Westbrook and it was actually a good night to go mid-range. I saw winning lineups where you could argue the best player was Rondo.

2-2 Tournaments (Fanduel)
5-0 Cash Games (Yahoo)

Here was my best Tournament lineup from last night. Didn’t really do all that great, but anytime you crack 300 points on Fanduel it’s a decent night. My #1 thought was no Westbrook since he needed to get 60+ to provide value. He came close, but as you can see there were better options at PG last night. Rondo was automatic again. Lowry I targeted because New Orleans has a terrible backcourt and AD was out – making their entire defense even worse. PG was the star I gravitated to because of his price. I thought Milsap would do better against Boston. Hayward was a mistake – they were on a b2b and I should have looked elsewhere. Gasol was obvious too because he’d been playing well, Portland bigs are pretty weak and his price was right.

Nights like these keep your confidence up and keep you in action the next day, so overall a positive.

Fanduel NBA Lineup 11-13

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