NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball – Sleepers + Cash Game Picks 11/18

Last night I was crushed in tournaments because I had both Anthony Davis & Batum in my lineups. Bad games & injuries happen ++ it’s a long season so you’re going to have days like that. However, I’m disappointed I bricked all my cash game lineups too because I haven’t rostered Anthony Davis in a cash game lineup since week 1 … but I still lost all 4 due to other players not performing as expected too. Oh well, I had been doing well so a bad night was likely in order. Don’t worry if you got crushed last night either, and don’t get too high if you did well. That’s the key to grinding NBA DFS since it’s truly a grind.

Most of you are probably pretty well versed in bankroll management – but if you’re new to DFS or NBA DFS where you’re playing on a daily basis …. managing your bankroll is key. I can probably afford to play $400 – $500 per night if I really wanted to. However, I know in order to stay in action for over 7 months of NBA DFS – I need to dial it back a bit because if I lose $500 for several days in a row it will begin to effect my lifestyle. That’s why I typically play 5-10% of my max bankroll, so typically $20-$50 per night for me. As the season rolls along – if my win rates are high enough … I will play more each night because my bankroll will be subject to less risk. The key is – if I have 2 or 3 more days in a row like last night … I will cut back to $5 – $10 until my win rates get back in line.

As for target win rates – you should try to keep at least some loose records of your win/losses. I actually keep track of my win rates for cash games & tournaments on each site I play … because sometimes you’ll find that you play better on different sites. Just from my own experience – I find the cash games on Yahoo (so far) seem a bit easier than FD/DK. And nothing rivals the size of the GPP’s on the 2 major sites so I really just take shots in those. Anything greater than 55% for cash games is considered a winner and 20% for GPP’s … however I think you want to aim for results that are a tad bit higher in GPPs. Anyway, just wanted to touch on bankroll management a little since I got crushed last night, and because I don’t risk money that will hurt me – I can brush it off and keep playing tonight. That’s good for confidence & takes the pressure off me tonight since I can keep bricking & stay in action. I recommend a similar approach so you can stay in action all season. Remember, you can’t hit the big score if you don’t have the $$ to buy in.

Here are the target scores we’re shooting for tonight:

Draftkings: 265
Fanduel: 300
Yahoo: 240

GPP PlaysNOTEI think I’m going to just enter a few tournaments today since I probably will not be around my computer at 4pm Tip-Off. Therefore, I’m going to give some GPP targets for each site.

Draftkings: Batum
Fanduel: Schroder
Yahoo: Trey Burke

Honestly, not a ton of obvious value plays. This might change a bit later on tonight, but expect tons of usage for Schroder, Ish Smith – but because the value is there, I think you have to consider them in GPPs despite the high rates.

G – Ish Smith
$5,400 Fanduel

G – Schroder
$4,800 Fanduel
$4,900 Draftkings

G – Aaron Brooks ?
$3,600 Draftkings
$10 Yahoo

C – Ian Mahinmi
$11 Yahoo

0 – 2 Tournaments Draftkings
0 – 1 Tournaments Fanduel
0 – 4 Cash Games Yahoo
0 – 1 Tournaments Yahoo

I actually was really happy with my Draftkings tournament lineup pictured below. If Batum & Anthony Davis play just average basketball, I probably cash. Otherwise I got pretty good value out of everyone outside of Giannis. My issue was I should have done better in cash games on Yahoo because I didn’t have Anthony Davis in any cash games lineups … but I bricked because my Bosh/Batum combo sucked and Whiteside went off.

Draftkings NBA DFS Lineup 11-17


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