NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball – Sleepers + Cash Game Picks 11/21

Saturday’s are a really fun day to play NBA DFS because it’s like a Turbo-Tournament because the action starts and ends pretty quickly. There’s an early tip-off game you might want, but most sites start the larger contests at 4pm – where the last tip-off is at 5:30, so before you know it the day will be over.

Here are the target scores we are shooting for tonight on each NBA daily fantasy basketball website. Very similar night to any other night, however,

Draftkings: 265
Fanduel: 260
Yahoo: 240

These are the players I’m targeting in cash games on each of the sites:

Draftkings: Harden
Fanduel: Harden, Lebron
Yahoo: Harden ($49)

I would guess we’ll see some late scratches/lineup changes in the NBA tonight, but you never know. Here are the guys I’m targeting at the moment, but this will likely grow/change as the day moves forward.

G – Matthew Dellavedova
$4,100 Fanduel
$4,100 Draftkings
$14 Yahoo

G – Isaiah Canaan
$3,300 Draftkings
$11 Yahoo

G – JR Smith
$4,400 Draftkings

G – Hollis Thompson
$10 Yahoo

F – Omri Casspi
$4,500 Draftkings

F – Justice Winslow
$3,600 Fanduel

C – Tiago Splitter
$3,000 Draftkings

11/20 Recap: Last night just seemed like everything was working. I was able to get in front of a computer for 30 minuets and get 2 tournament lineups set. My DK lineup came up just short of cashing – and I faded all the major stars and went with Brandon Knight, Kobe, Thad Young, among others. I actually think that was my best lineup.

However, I was able to achieve my best finish & winnings for a fanduel contest this year. This lineup is really just a player short of being great. Honestly, I really filled this lineup out based on the games I thought could be high scoring + ownership levels. I knew I wanted pieces of each of these games and these are the players I ended around. My iPad screenshot doesn’t show ownerships – but here they are:

Westbrook 37%
Mudiay 4.6%
Crawford 15.8%
Butler 15.4%
Aminu 14%
Carroll 5%
Williams 18.9%
Thad 29.5%
Towns 10.9%

I actually was deciding between Carroll & Nikola Mitrotic (who was $500 less – 3.1% owned) … Mitrotic ended up with 12.1 more fantasy points …. and Carroll really did all his damage in a 2 min spree late in the 4th quarter otherwise it would have been worse. Winning score was 372.90 (won $25,000) so I’m not too far from the top in this one. Anyway, I will try a similar strategy tonight. Build a balanced lineup around matchups + projected ownership levels.

FanDuel NBA DFS Lineup 11-20

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