NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball – Sleepers + Cash Game Picks 11/27

I’m LOVING TODAY!!!!!!!!!! We’ve got a massive college football slate of games. We’ve got a massive NBA slate of games. My ipads, laptops & TVs will be running HOT tonight. Here are my cash game picks, value plays and target scores for NBA daily fantasy basketball Friday November 27, 2015.

Here are the target scores for tonight’s contests. If you are new to this page – I post a target score. The way I use this score is I take projections/averages for each player and I just make sure they can reach this score without playing way above expectation (or average). For cash games, this is important because typically if you meet or reach these scores – you’ll cash. For tournaments, it’s often the bare minimum you need to sniff the cash. Your job as a lineup builder is to create a tournament lineup filled with guys that have upside based on matchup, increased minuets, recent trends … ect. The more you actually watch/follow the games on TV – the easier the latter becomes.

Draftkings: 275
Fanduel: 300
Yahoo: 245

Here are the guys I’m targeting in cash games. If you’re new to NBA DFS cash games … what I would likely focus on are the players who are likely going to get minuets tonight. Players get minuets because of injuries, lack of position depth, rotations, W-L record, matchup/closeness of final score. Right now, the clear opportunity is Sacramento – who’s running only about 8-9 players in a rotation even when Cousins is healthy. That can change at anytime, but for now that’s the case.

Draftkings: Beal, Carmelo
Fanduel: Rondo, Koufos, Aldridge, Kristaps
Yahoo: Covington, Kristaps, Koufos, Rondo

Here are some value picks. On some sites/lineups you’ll use 1 – 3 of these guys … but try to be selective.

G – Isaiah Canaan
$3,900 Draftkings
$10 Yahoo

G – Jose Calderon
$10 Yahoo

G – Jason Terry
$10 Yahoo

G – Gerald Green
$3,500 Fanduel

F – Thabo Sefolosha
$10 Yahoo

F – Omri Casspi
$4,100 Fanduel

C – Gorgui Dieng
$4,100 Fanduel

C – Kosta Koufos
$4,500 Draftkings
$4,000 Fanduel
$12 Yahoo


11/25 Recap: Wednesday couldn’t have went any better. I put myself in the best position to cash high in tournaments … unfortunately just came up short in a spot or two for me to really have a huge night. Overall though, it was highly profitable and will allow me to expand my range a bit more tonight … where I’ll likely play some partial slates.

Cash Games: 16 – 1 (Yahoo)
Cash Games: 5 – 0 (Fanduel)
Tournaments: 3 – 0 (Fanduel)
* I didn’t like my lineup on Draftkings otherwise I wanted to go even deeper on this night. Tonight I’ll try to spread action across all 3 sites.

On Fanduel – I ended up running several different lineups surrounded around getting exposure to Harden, Lowry (when Delli was ruled out for Cavs it made Lowry a great option). Canaan, and Gordon Heyward. The Kings only played 3 guys off the bench – so keep that in mind even when Cousins comes back. Notice that my worst lineup was my “chalk” lineup where I picked what I thought were the more obvious plays of the night. My cash game lineup was flawed with Rubio – who’s more of a tournament PG now that I think about it further … however it got the job done.

FanDuel NBA Lineups 11-25

On Yahoo – I KILLED the cash games as I thought. I pivoted off Harden to Lowry just before tip-off which allowed be to add Bradley. Turns out either lineup would have been good, but I like my thought process in a cash game to go a more balanced lineup whenever possible.

Notice for cash games – Rudy Gay, Rondo, Kristaps were just absolute must starts on Yahoo. I believe I gave you 50% of the lineup on Wednesday for Yahoo. Gordon Hayward had a season high in points because who does LA Clippers have on the wing that can guard a player like Hayward?? If you can’t identify those kinds of matchups for NBA DFS off the top of your head – I suggest start grinding season long leagues too because it will help you. Overall, great night that was a result of preparation and execution. That kind of discipline will be needed again tonight.

Yahoo NBA DFS Lineup 11-25

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