NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball – Sleepers + Cash Game Picks 11/5

Somewhat light day in the NBA, but I think they’ve spread out the schedule a bit and now instead of 2 or 3 games on a night like this, we have 5 … so it makes almost every day playable. Below you will find my sleeper/value picks for November 5, 2015. I also include a target score I like to build lineups around. You’ll also find cash game players I’m targeting and I always try to include a recap from the previous night.

Target score – With the reduced number of games to pick from (5 games in the full slate) the target score is still pretty much the same except for Draftkings, where I think you can set your sights a bit lower than normal.

Draftkings: 265
Fanduel: 280
Yahoo: 245

Here are the guys I’m targeting in cash games tonight. Right now the list is a bit small, I’m anticipating a few injury developments and will update this list as we draw closer to game time.

Fanduel: Lillard
Draftkings: Whiteside
Yahoo: Whiteside, Batum

These are the chalk sleepers for the night. I will add to this list as the day moves along. On Yahoo, there’s probably enough $10-$13 players to run stars/scrubs again tonight which I describe in the recap.

G – Will Barton
$10 Yahoo

G – Jameer Nelson
$13 Yahoo
$4,000 Draftkings

F – Jeremy Lamb
$10 Yahoo

F – Nemanja Bjelica
$3,600 Fanduel

F- Dwight Powell
$10 Yahoo
$4,000 Fanduel
$3,900 Draftkings

F – Maurice Harkless
$10 Yahoo
$3,100 Draftkings

C- Mason Plumlee
$13 Yahoo

11/4 Recap: Last night, as the injury/new starters information was rolling in about 30 mins before tip-off … it became apparent that it was a stars & scrubs type night. I ended up playing almost exclusively on Yahoo only because it allowed me to create what I thought was a very good cash-game stars-and-scrub lineup.

Overall Night Stats:
Tournaments: 0-2
Cash Games: 10-3

I wanted to go a little heavier with my action, but I started to run out of time and didn’t get my lineups set on FD & DK in time. Oh well, but still it was a profitable night. Here is the lineup I used on Yahoo. IT2 was the easiest play I’ve had all year, since his stats project out well when he gets more mins. Stauskas only scores – but on a team that struggles scoring, he’s a good option at near minimum. Bazemore was obvious with Atlanta resting guys, and Bayless under performed – but was good enough.

My stars could have been better, I had a friend tell me Carmelo was the play because he’d want to play well in front of LeBron. It made sense but I didn’t listen. I went with Love, Millsap, Monroe and Harden. If the Rockets game doesn’t go OT, he’s more of a 30. Love was a disappointment. Overall, you can see the lineup isn’t perfect and I actually scored less than the night before but I won more games. Also, I felt this lineup had very little risk. My stars played under their ability but my scrubs all did what I expected based on their situations. If my stars play above expectation, I have a bigger night because I cash in the tournaments as well. We should see plenty of more nights like this going forward …. and I actually will start wagering more money when those spots pop up.

Yahoo NBA DFS Lineup 11-4


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