NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball – Sleepers + Cash Game Picks 12/10

Not a ton of games on the NBA daily fantasy basketball schedule tonight. As a side note, the Clippers/Chicago & NY/Sacramento games are televised on TNT. Expect the superstars in those games, especially Cousins (who doesn’t get on national TV much) to be on their best behaviors tonight.

Here are the target scores we are shooting for tonight in NBA daily fantasy for Thursday December 10, 2015.

Draftkings: 255
Fanduel: 290
Yahoo: 235

Here are the cash game targets. I’ll try to add to these as the day rolls along & I build some lineups.

Draftkings: Thad Young, Blake Griffin, Horford
Fanduel: Blake Griffin,
Yahoo: Thad Young, Horford

Here are some value picks. Not too many games on the slate – so looking for value probably isn’t a great idea. I’d lean more towards the middle – especially in cash games.

G – Nik Stauskas
$3,400 Draftkings
$3,500 Fanduel

F – Thabo Sefolosha
$4,400 Fanduel
$12 Yahoo

C – Steven Adams
$10 Yahoo

12/9 Recap: Another somewhat light night because I was tied up earlier in the day so didn’t have the normal time I get to prepare my NBA DFS lineups (I normally like at least 2-3 hours depending on the game formats & amount of games). Whenever I only have about an hour to prepare, I tend to play just a few 50/50 games – and last night I thought lent itself well to playing in the short slate on FanDuel which started a 5:00pm PST too.

Last night was interesting because I felt my cash game strategy I’ve been rolling with needed to be tweaked a bit based on the player pool. There was a serious lack of talent at SG and especially SF last night, so paying up for production in those spots was only going to happen in 1 slot. That forced me to have extra money left over … so I applied that to what I thought was the deepest position on the night – PG. So notice my cash game lineup (309.4) ended up 1 value/1 star at SG, SF, PF – and Vucevic was one of the cheapest of the top-end centers. Again – my goal with every NBA cash game lineup is typically find value at the PG position – however you’ve got to be willing to adjust when the roster of players is telling you otherwise. Last night was a perfect time to pivot to another strategy since most of the talent/production last night was going to come from the PG position. So with that being the case – I went with the 2 PGs I thought had the highest floor – Knight/Wall. In a tournament, I would have probably wanted to rotate Knight/Payton & Wall/Payton into numerous different lineups. But in cash on a night where you have to pay up for PG production – go with the big guns.

NBA Daily Fantasy Fanduel 12-9

I fired just 1 bullet into a late starting GPP – mainly because I wanted exposure to Elfrid Payton and Karl Anthony Towns in GPPs. I had a follower on Twitter ask me a few hours before the late slate goes off who I liked in the late slate. I essentially gave him my core of players which I would have rotated around if I had more time to build the lineups.

If I had more time, I would have rotated Teague/Bledsoe since they were my most interchangeable players. The most important thing to note is that my GPP lineup is far different than what a cash game lineup should be. At center I went with Towns who sometimes gets iced by the coach for a number of reasons …. but I felt he was the only center capable of a 40+ night. Teague was my attempt to grab a PG combo that people weren’t going to be using much (Payton/Teague). Neither players I would have used in a cash game lineup. I would have tried to get away from Burks & Bledsoe too since Burks comes off the bench and I could balance my lineup if I went a bit cheaper at SG. I see people entering the same lineup in GPPs as Cash …. you can do better than that. There’s only a small fraction of NBA players capable of a 40+ fantasy point night based on minuets/role. Knowing the role of each player (and not just his name/position/stats) gives you a huge advantage in GPPs. If you’re entering the same lineups in GPPs & Cash – it means you need to study the roles of NBA players more.

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