NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball – Sleepers + Cash Game Picks 12/15

Tiny 4-game NBA slate tonight that begins at 4:30 PST. The Houston/Sacramento game has the edge o/u wise – however keep in mind that the Rockets played last night.

Even with the light total – there’s enough value/mid-range that you should be able to hit fairly high scores … but one’s that are slightly lower than normal.

Draftkings: 255
Fanduel: 285
Yahoo: 240

Here are the cash game targets. I think you pay up for production in cash games, unless you just feel you can build a mid-range lineup tonight on 4 games. Typically I find it a bit easier to just pay up for 40+ fantasy points (hopefully) and then fill in with guys you think can reach a nice point-per-dollar value.

Draftkings: Lebron, Cousins, Monroe
Fanduel: Cousins, Harden, Lebron, Collison
Yahoo: Lebron, Harden, Collison

Here are some of the value plays. In cash games, I certainly wouldn’t steer too far from the path that’s been working. In tournaments – you can step outside the box and fade some of these guys in favor of more risky plays.

G – Jameer Nelson
$4,200 Fanduel
$10 Yahoo

G – Kevin Martin
$4,500 Fanduel
$4,700 Draftkings

G – Patrick Beverley
$4,200 Fanduel

G – Iman Shumpert
$3,700 Draftkings

G – Seth Curry (DEEP GPP Sleeper ONLY)
$3,000 Draftkings
$3,500 Fanduel
Kind of a leverage play you sometimes see in FB. Since so many people will roster Collison – Curry’s production vs cost might actually be better … especially if the Kings were to go up big. Two unlikely scenarios but you need to dig deep on 4 game slates!

F – Omri Casspi
$4,700 Fanduel
$5,600 Draftkings

C – Gorgui Dieng
$4,500 Fanduel
$14 Yahoo

C – Kelly Olynyk
$12 Yahoo

12/14 Results: Last night was okay. I broke dead even playing GPPs on Fanduel … which in reality is actually pretty good since you aren’t supposed to cash all that often. However, I might have to adjust my strategy a bit. Either I need to play more cash games to supplement the time/effort I put into building DFS lineups …. OR … I need to push my lineups a bit harder, take more risks. Personally I would rather lose money playing GPPs – as long as I had a lineup that had a shot to win/make top 10. Maybe a guy gets hurt, gets iced by game flow/coach or I simply play the wrong guy – but at least I had a shot to win. Seemed like last night, my lineups were destined to do what they did.

Honestly though, I probably should just keep grinding, but I think I need to put my lineups on the edge a bit more since I saw some winning lineups last night with plays that were slightly outside the box.

NBA DFS Lineups Fanduel 12-14

NBA DFS Lineups Fanduel 12-14 dollar

Anyway, I’m not going to get too down on a night that was actually decent. I probably should try to expand my range a bit and play more cash games, but the allure of winning 5 figures is more exciting than the alternative. Besides that – I almost primarily focus on MLB cash games … so that’s the time of year I grind out small wins. Tonight – I personally will likely just play GPPs since I think cash game lineups on Fanduel and Draftkings will be tough to beat at the $5 level. What I mean is, your edges should be really small tonight on a short slate – so just one small mistake or injury might mean you’re in the bottom 50% of lineups. Yahoo is a different animal, and if I can get a lineup that works there – I’ll try to mix some cash-game lineups in.

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