NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball – Sleepers + Cash Game Picks 12/23

MASSIVE NBA daily fantasy slate of games. No matter how you slice it – these huge slates are both a blessing & a curse. If you’re a 1/2 lineup type player – just narrowing down the number of plays is going to be difficult. If you’re a heavy volume player … creating lineup combinations for tonight could take a month. Today we have cash game targets (coming later today), we have target scores (which aren’t much higher than average) and we have some sleeper/value picks that may come in handy for NBA daily fantasy basketball for Wednesday December 23, 2015

On big slates like these – first thing to do is set some goals/limitations. Casual players might want to focus some of the smaller express/turbo type slates that start a bit later. In GPPs, ownership is key on a night like this, so if you have a good grasp on who the chalk plays to fade will be – it’ll be an advantage. Cash games provide a challenge for the casual player … for the experienced player, I would try to focus on the middle-tier, not chase un-proven value picks and focus on the games that are likely to go the distance (starters are playing the tail end of the 4th). Those small edges will likely make a big difference tonight.

Lastly, you seriously need a tool like fantasylabs. I know I say this about once a week – but I really do find it to be a useful tool. I get asked all the time, will fantasylabs turn you into a winning player??? That still depends on how much work you’re willing to put in, how accurate you can project players performance, and how well you manage your bankroll/time. But I will say that fantasylabs can turn a losing player into a more competitive player. Often times I’ve worked with DFS players that are discouraged because they’ve been losing. Once we turn around the loses into some wins, the confidence & willingness to grind comes back. A tool like fantasylabs should help make you more competitive … which will likely lead you to spending more time & more effort into building good lineups. All that in combination can turn you into a winning player. In a sport like NBA that is every day (and MLB when that comes back around) I highly suggest you give fantasylabs a spin for a month and see how it goes. If you don’t like it cancel, but maybe think about how you can improve your process of building lineups if you’re still struggling. Exclusive: If you sign up for fantasylabs using this link – I will provide a FREE 30min tutorial webinar with you showing you some tips to get you started. E-mail after you’ve signed up and we’ll setup a time that works best for you.

Here are the target scores we are shooting for tonight:

Draftkings: 260
Fanduel: 300
Yahoo: 240

Draftkings: McCollum, Barton, Gortat
Fanduel: Barton
Yahoo: McCollum, Barton

Tonight is a night where you’re probably not going to have a ton of ‘value’ in your lineups because there’s so much on the mid-high end to pick from. I think a strategy you could possibly use with a value pick (in GPP scenarios) is to try an skillfully punt a spot with a near min-salary guy so you can spend up elsewhere. I’m not going to do this in every lineup – but certainly if there’s a lineup where I can get a guy for min salary so I can move up to a player capable of 40++ fantasy points … it’s something I’m likely to do.

G – Tim Frazier
$3,600 Draftkings
$10 Yahoo

G – Jeremy Lin
$15 Yahoo

G – Garrett Temple
$10 Yahoo

F – John Henson
$3,700 Fanduel

C – Kelly Olynyk
$4,100 Fanduel

12/22 Recap: I got back into the NBA grind after really focusing all my efforts/bankroll on college football – especially on Yahoo. I think I’m going to be bankroll heavy on CFB on Draftkings today because their 2 day slate is really interesting/challenging. Last night in the NBA – I didn’t have a ton of time to build a bunch of lineups so I just tried my best with 1. I wanted to try and bink a $25 seat to the $1m Santa Slam on Xmas since I’m likely going to have 10+ lineups in that anyway. I took that same lineup and entered it into the $2 slam.

Ultimately I can up short – but I wasn’t completely out of the ball-park as a few of my plays were in winning lineups. Remember, the best DFS players are more process oriented – and not really results oriented. Because weather, injuries, players sucking, coaches icing and other things can effect our results, the most important thing to do is focus on your process of building lineups.

When looking at the slate yesterday – the one thing that jumped out at me was the Miami Heat was the only team not playing today. So I felt all their players had the most upside because the coach would likely not be holding anyone back for the next day. Also – Dragic sounded more doubtful than GTD from what I heard – so that gave everyone a boost since the backup PG on Miami was hurt too. I almost went Nowitzki over Bosh, but again stayed on Bosh because Nowitzki often only plays 30 mins … and I needed a high-upside lineup since I was trying to bink the $25 seat which required a top 10% lineup.

Fanduel NBA DFS Lineup 12-22

So I bricked .. but as you can see I didn’t brick really hard (outside my CFB lineup 🙂 last night in the NBA. If I had more time, I would have built out more lineups where I rotated out Morris, Bosh, Faried and Nelson since I thought they were the most replaceable players in my lineup. If you’re a 1/2 lineup/contest person like my results above – don’t get discouraged by not cashing. I LOVED my process on limited time last night and nearly created a top 20% lineup. Devote a little more time & diversify my risk a bit more & certainly I could have had a profitable night. That should show you how juicy the CFB games are on Yahoo right now, since I’m sacrificing NBA lineup building right now for CFB.

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