NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball – Sleepers + Cash Game Picks 12/27

NBA daily fantasy basketball looks like it’s got some nice tournaments & action you can get into on this Sunday. It’s a small slate that doesn’t have a huge list of stars. You should have a decent amount of value to pick from if you need it too.

Here are the target scores:

Draftkings: 250
Fanduel: 280
Yahoo: 220

Here are the cash game targets:

Draftkings: Cousins,
Fanduel: Durant, Westbrook, Kristaps, Conley, Jokic
Yahoo: Durant, Westbrook

Here are some value/cheaper guys:

G – Gary Harris
$4,000 Draftkings
$3,900 Fanduel
$11 Yahoo

G – Randy Foye Boy
$10 Yahoo

G – Langston Galloway
$10 Yahoo

F – Omri Casspi
$5,100 Fanduel

F – Jeff Green
$4,300 Fanduel

C – Nikola Jokic
$4,400 Fanduel
$10 Yahoo

12/26 Recap – I GOT SMOKED yesterday in the one slate that I took a shot at. Honestly that’s expected from the turbo 2/3 game slates. You’re either going to win 100% or 0% …. at least from my experience. One way to cut variance would likely be to play more H2H in those spots … something I might try more of in NBA as I often play H2H in CFB and MLB.

So my lineup needed to swap Gasol in at F and Karl Anthony-Towns in at C … then I would have been a winner. I certainly thought about each of those plays, but I stayed off Gasol since he just played OT the night before and Towns is more my GPP center, but I was really close to actually running with him & then moving up to Gasol at F. In the long run, the decision to fade Gasol/Towns might actually be correct based on the information/alternatives that I had – so I’m not going to make too many adjustments when it comes to building the lineup yet. What I’ll change is maybe mix in 20-30% H2H action, just in case I miss the cash line in 50/50’s … it’s likely I win a few H2H’s.

NBA Fanduel Express Fantasy Lineups

Two losing days in a row isn’t a big deal – especially with all the CFB going on right now. I probably should cut back on my NBA until college football is over, but just like in life – making mistakes is often a good way to learn, so I’m not discouraged by some losing days. Again, in the turbo/express slates – you’re more often going to win/lose 100% of your action, so just keep that in mind if you’re playing these slates too. Tonight I’ll probably do a small mix of GPPs/Cash and see if I can’t build some confidence heading into next week.

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