NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball – Sleepers + Cash Game Picks 12/3

Tonight we’ve got a nice small slate of NBA games to pick from where there’s not a ton of superstars to pick from – so the NBA DFS players who know the depth in the NBA should really shine on a slate like this. Overall, should be a great night to play NBA daily fantasy on Thursday December 3, 2015.

Here are the target scores for the night – looks about the same as most nights except Yahoo’s is projecting lower in the 230 range – normally 240 – 250 is what we are shooting for on Yahoo. So don’t be too alarmed if you don’t love your Yahoo lineup.

Draftkings: 270
Fanduel: 300
Yahoo: 234 (Lower than normal)

Here are my cash game picks for the night. I do add to these picks as the day moves forward – as the picks start to materialize as I start building lineups & start to realize which players simply work based on salary + what other players you’re giving up playing on the slate. For example, yesterday on Fanduel I gave you: Horford, Batum, DeRozan, Griffin because I felt they were the best/safest at their position last night in cash games. Horford was nearly interchangeable with Gortat as well.

Draftkings: Westbrook, Gasol
Fanduel: Hayward, Lillard
Yahoo: Sullinger, Kawhi

Not a ton of value picks jump off the board right away. With the games we are selecting from – a more balanced lineup should be the right idea.

G – Rodney Stuckey
$4,400 Fanduel

G – Cory Joseph
$3,900 Draftkings
$11 Yahoo

F – Matt Barnes
$12 Yahoo

C – Bismack Byombo
$3,900 Fanduel
$12 Yahoo

12/2 Recap: Last night was a big one where I basically went full-max bankroll in 1 tournament – the $25.00 1 million GPP Mega Slam on Fanduel where I shot off 10 different lineups. Essentially what I’m saying is I’m comfortable playing $250 a night in NBA DFS but I’m typically in the $30 – $50 range since playing nightly can have it’s ups/downs – not to mention all the time required to build that many lineups is a bit too much for me. Ultimately my ROI was negative but I was very close again to building a lineup that would have surged me even higher up the leaderboards.

Here is how my night when financially:

  • 9 x $25 = $225 (full priced entry fees)
  • 1 x $2 = $2 (satellite entry cost)
    $227 Total Cost For Entries
  • $140 = Winnings
    ($87) Loss

So I lost $87 … definitely not terrible, but obviously I had dreams of paying off my Mercedes or buying a vacation home in Monterrey. Unfortunately those dreams will be put on hold. The best thing to do is look back on what I did right, and what I did wrong – and possibly you can learn from that too.

#1 thing I did wrong was I didn’t play enough PG combos. I used too much Canaan – whereas my best lineups were Reggie Jackson/Clarkson, Wall/Clarkson … ect. I was so focused on my Power Forward combos where I was mixing in Blake, Davis, Kristaps and then fading them.

#1 thing I did right was correctly judge that Batum a 100% of lineup type guy. Only 18% owned but clearly an elite play last night. I don’t think he saw much floor time in the 4th and he had 39 fantasy points. No Al Jefferson, no Harrison Barnes for GSW + uptempo game ++++ there really wasn’t much use paying up for the top 2 SF’s last night.

Here’s my best lineup from last night, I had 1 more lineup that min-cashed for $50.

In this lineup I wanted to get exposure to Reggie Jackson – who had a good game against Phoenix last time they played, and I felt the up-tempo nature of the game would remove Drummond somewhat from the mix & make this a game where Reggie Jackson would shine. DeRozan was in a ton of my lineups – Lowry ended up dominating the ball the last 4 or 5 minuets of the game otherwise he could have been in the 30’s. Everything else played out about how I thought it might with Milsap disappointing a bit – if I have Gasol in that spot (which I think made sense salary wise) I’m pushing the leaders with this lineup since 365 points won and Gasol had 58 fantasy points.

So as you can see – just a few small tweaks & I’m winning a few hundred dollars. Instead I take a very small loss and move on. If you are new to NBA DFS – I’m trying to demonstrate quality bankroll management with these recaps. Even if I whiffed on all 10 entries – I’d still be profitable on the year (so far) playing NBA DFS. The next big tournaments run later this month and it’s important that you stay in action all season. Going ‘all-in’ is fun when you win, but putting that much pressure on yourself & 1 contest isn’t a winning strategy. Take shots when big tournaments arise – but I’ll return to a $30 – $50 player again tonight.

Fanduel NBA Mega Slam DFS Lineup

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