NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball – Sleepers + Cash Game Picks 12/5

Got an all-day slate that starts at 10am PST and includes 2 extra games. I might fade all that (especially on Fanduel where you don’t have late swap) and just focus on the 5:00 tip-off since it’s basically an extra hour and 2 less games … those are two things that work in my favor.

Here are the target scores for the night:

Draftkings: 255 (All Day) — 245 (Main)
Fanduel: 285 (All Day) — 285 (Main)
Yahoo: 240 (All Day) — 237 (Main)

Here are the guys I’m targeting as cash game players. This should change quite a bit as we draw closer to the late tip-off. I’ll update as we get closer.

Draftkings: Harden
Fanduel: Blake Griffin, Hayward, Kristaps, Lillard
Yahoo: Cousins

Here are some value picks. Right now, there’s not a ton of clear cut value on Draftkings, but I haven’t built out any serious lineups yet to really know for sure. However, seems like a good night to load up on mid-grade.

G – Patrick Beverley
$3,900 Fanduel
$10 Yahoo

G -Isaiah Canaan
$14 Yahoo

G – OJ Mayo
$3,700 Fanduel

F – Trevor Booker (Missed shoot-around ‘illness’)
$3,800 Fanduel
$10 Yahoo

F – Justise Winslow
$3,800 Fanduel

C – Gorgui Dieng
$12 Yahoo

12/4 Recap: Last night confirmed something I had already been aware of in the NBA – but it was apparent even more-so last night. I should have telegraphed it on this blog a bit more, but on Tues/Wed/Thur/Fri you have certain NBA games that are on ESPN/TNT. The Saturday/Sunday early games are actually heavily viewed in foreign markets (in prime time) … that’s why the NBA is starting games like that. Anyway – the superstars get up for these games. Sponsors, women, social media, fans … ect all care about the TV games – and if you’ve ever spent time with a big-time athlete, they care way more about that stuff than they want you to believe.

In short – you might want to give a slight edge to superstars playing on TNT/ESPN in slates because these guys don’t want to put up a dud on national TV and have everyone calling them ‘done’ like Kobe (who’s getting to be great value on DK, so throw your biases out the door if you have any about Kobe).

So with that in mind, my superstars that I focused heavily on last night were LeBron and Anthony Davis … but mainly LeBron where I had him in 5/10 lineups and AD in 3/10. I really started to like JR Smith as the night got closer to lock – unfortunately he cooled off a bit, but still had nice production at SG which was a bit light on the night. Beal was a pretty obvious play and was in 7/10 of my lineups. Honestly, everyone else played about where you’d think they would. If Reggie Jackson or the Lakers hang with Atlanta a bit more, this lineup would have been a little better.

Fanduel NBA DFS Lineup 12-5

Results: 4 – 6 Fanduel Tournaments +$5 ROI

So I didn’t make much money. But keep in mind I’m playing GPPs almost exclusively at the moment in these short slates. Anytime you can break even, but give yourself a chance to come back the next day & win is a good thing in GPPs. Also, my strategy really isn’t to cash/make money. I’m entering 10 – 20 different lineups hoping that I hit one that gets me in the top 100 scores for the night. $5,000 dollars would move the needle on my bankroll, $100 here & there won’t. That being said, I’m not blindly taking shots either. I normally target just 3 – 5 players at each position that I’m trying to rotate through lineups I feel are optimal based on game-flows, matchups, pairings ect. Once college football winds down (today) I’ll likely start posting the list of players I’m targeting at each position …. it’s extremely helpful because instead of sorting through 50 names at each position – you’re only looking at 3 – 5 choices.

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