NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball – Sleepers + Cash Game Picks 12/18

Here we go – nice 12 game NBA slate of games on the schedule for Friday December 18, 2015. These are my target scores, some cash game targets and some value picks. Finally I give you a recap of the prior night.

Pretty standard tonight when it comes to target scores on this 12 game slate of games.

Draftkings: 260
Fanduel: 300
Yahoo: 240

Here are the guys I’m targeting in cash games tonight. It’ll be really easy building out a mid-range lineup tonight, just make sure you target games that your players should get lots of minuets, not get in foul trouble too. Remember, we don’t really care about ‘blowout risk’ for tournament lineups – but certainly in cash games we want to end up on the players with the best shot at playing their full minuets. That’s why entering the same lineup in GPPs and Cash games is a TERRIBLE idea in the NBA. In GPPs you need to go after those high-risk/punt plays in GPPs, I see them in winning lineups (Terrence Ross last night) almost nightly. Take a look at my winning lineup from Draftkings last night with Steven Adams and Cody Zeller in it … you almost need to strategically punt spots in the NBA. In cash games, you need to be aware of your players not playing the 3rd quarter – and possibly getting into foul trouble if they have a tough matchup. Also, I try not to punt spots in cash games unless #1 it’s a short slate like last night and/or #2 the player is expected to get big minuets due to injury/8-man rotation type thing.

Draftkings: Pau Gasol,
Fanduel: Cousins, Griffin
Yahoo: Not sure yet

Here are some value picks. This should get cracked open later today. My strategy in the GPPs will be to pre-register with some lineups I don’t really think too much about. However around 3pm – 3:45 I’ll try to capitalize on some late(ish) breaking injury start/sit scenario and build lineups off that. My cash game lineups should be set likely before most of that.

G – Cory Joseph
$13 Yahoo

G – Terrence Ross
$3,600 Fanduel

F – Luol Deng
$4,700 Fanduel
$16 Yahoo

C – John Henson (GPPs Only)
$4,200 Draftkings
$10 Yahoo

12/17 Recap: Last night, for the first time in about 2 weeks – I FINALLY had a lineup that pushed the top 1,000 places in one of the big 100,000+ field GPPs. That actually isn’t a very long time between quality scores (for a low(ish) volume player like me), but it sure did feel like a long time.

Last night on Draftkings – I really liked LeBron as a 100% lineup type guy since he was under $10k. I wanted to rotate Kobe, Durant, Westbrook in …. mainly because they were on TNT – and that’s the one narrative that I really buy into – star players LOVE playing good on national TV. Once Jeremy Lin was named starter, I felt it was pretty easy to go star-scrubs with all starters on Draftkings. I ended up putting this same lineup in a $5 double up – and the 3rd non-winning entry was a Free contest where I finished 3rd. I think it’s okay you enter the same GPP lineup in double-ups in 4 game slates … but you’re showing you don’t know the NBA all that well if you do it tonight.

Draftkings NBA Lineups 12-17

My second lineup wasn’t nearly as good – and I knew it, however I really only came up short with Russell and JR Smith – the rest I’m fairly happy with. This was also my first lineup. Kind of like 1st loves …. they are hard to get rid of, but you’re better off without them. Ultimately I should have scrapped it, since stacking 3 Lakers with 2 that come off the bench is a pretty bad idea even in a GPP. Oh, well – we’re not talking huge money and I was aware it was a weak lineup going in.

Tonight should be fun. We’re back to the big-sized slate of games. I’ll likely focus more on building balanced lineups tonight.

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