NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball – Sleepers + Cash Game Picks 1/28

Got a nice mini-slate on the schedule tonight, so if I have time to build lineups later today – I should be heavy on the action tonight.


Draftkings 7pm (6 Game Main): 255
Draftkings 8pm (4 Game Main): 260

Draftkings 7pm (6 Game Main): Cousins, Monroe,
Draftkings 8pm (4 Game Main): Cousins, Monroe, Middleton, Holiday

G – Joe Young
$3,300 Draftkings

F – Bobby Portis
$3,500 Draftkings

C – Myles Turner
$4,600 Draftkings


Fanduel 7pm (6 Game Main): 285
Fanduel 8pm (4 Game Late Night): 280

Fanduel 7pm (6 Game Main): Cousins, Paul George, Middleton
Fanduel 8pm (4 Game Late Night): Cousins, Lowry, Butler

G – Norris Cole
$4,300 Fanduel

G – Taj Gibson
$4,800 Fanduel

F – Derrick Williams
$4,900 Fanduel


1/27 Recap: I absolutely CRUSHED it last night. My only downside was I didn’t enter my lineup in GPPs, otherwise I would have had one of the better nights of my DFS career. That being said, I got a massive bankroll boost on Draftkings since I only played $5 double-ups last night, since it’s a popular game format and I was in the mood to gamble.

Just in case you weren’t aware 50/50’s are where exactly 50% of the field gets an 80% return on their money. Double-Ups are where you get 100% payback, but less than 50% of the field cashes … in my case 10/23 get paid. For some reason, I always mistakenly enter double-ups on Draftkings because they put them at the top of the lobby. After I realized this, I just fired off my entries into double-ups.

Okay, so here’s the lineup I used. This was for the 5pm slate, that I think had 5 games to chose from. I wanted Westbrook or Durant … and just felt Westbrooks mins on OKC are pretty much locked in stone, whereas I wasn’t sure if Durant would be rested just a bit more than normal given his injury history. I felt Wiggins would be required to score if Westbrook/Durant goes off, and Wiggy does 1 thing well – and that’s score. He had an OK game. Hayward was in my picks yesterday and was a good fit. CV and JJ became viable when Dirk was ruled out (who I was going to play). Love DeAndre on DK because of the Double-Double bonus he routinely hits. LaVine’s been hot and figured he’d be required to play because Min would need scoring. Aldridge was my lowest owned player. I felt really good playing him – mainly because I’ve probably owned Aldridge for all but maybe one of his seasons in season-long NBA contests. I’ve seen him have some bad games, he looks out of shape to me and a tad bit high most of the time. However, Houston has no one that can guard him – and it was Aldridge or Batum basically … so that made it easier. I don’t think it makes it all-clear to play Aldridge in cash, but in short slates and with other factors lining up – I’m cool with it.

Draftkings NBA DFS Lineup 1-27

Today I’m all fired up to play DFS, but might not have a bunch of time on my hands later today. With that being the case, I’ll probably just look to keep things rolling in the cash games tonight.

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