NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball – Sleepers + Cash Game Picks 1/4

I decided yesterday I was going to take it easy and watch the Bengals game … and that was about it! However, I really started missing having action on the NBA – as I was watching the games through the day – so I decided that after recovering from NYE partying …. Monday (today) will be when I get back on the grind for DFS.

So with that in mind, I’ll be targeting some of the mini-slates as the day goes on, since jumping into the large 7pm slate might not be a wise move. Here are the target scores you can shoot for when building lineups for all the different slates:

Draftkings (7pm Slate): 270
Draftkings (8pm Slate): 260
Draftkings (9pm Slate): 250
Draftkings (10pm Slate): 240

Fanduel (7pm Slate): 290
Fanduel (8pm Slate): 285
Fanduel (9pm Slate): 275
Draftkings (10pm Slate): 265

Here are the players I’m going to be targeting. I might avoid or heavily play the 9p slate … just depends on Curry/Lillard. If both are playing, I might play it and fade them since I think both won’t be 100%. However, if both aren’t playing … I might avoid the slate a bit because then it becomes a bit less predictable who’s going to produce.

Draftkings (7pm Slate): Westbrook
Draftkings (8pm Slate): Westbrook, Waiters, Ibaka, Cousins
Draftkings (9pm Slate): (Depends on Curry/Lillard mostly) Hayward, Marc Gasol
Draftkings (10pm Slate): Marc Gasol,

Fanduel (7pm Slate): Westbrook, Thad Young, Ibaka
Fanduel (8pm Slate): Westbrook, Rondo, Cousins, Kawhi
Fanduel (9pm Slate): (Waiting for Curry/Lillard news) Hayward
Draftkings (10pm Slate): Draymond, Klay

Not a ton of value right now. Personally I think there’s more out there – but I’ll be adding to this list as I start building out lineups.

G – Ish Smith
$5,700 Fanduel

G – Jeremy Lin
$5,400 Fanduel

G – Dion Waiters
$3,600 Draftkings

Recap: No real recap. Those will return tomorrow with a recap of what happens today.

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