NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball – Sleepers + Cash Game Picks 2/4

Just a tiny 4 game slate in the NBA tonight, but still should be a really good night to play. You might have some grinders so butt-hurt about Anthony Davis screwing them in the past that he makes an excellent play across the board. Remember, just about every player has screwed you on the same rate as Anthony Davis at some point in his career … most people just notice it much more with AD. With only 4 games on the schedule and very few 50+ point players, I don’t think fading him is a good idea tonight.

Here are the target scores for Draftkings NBA daily fantasy for February 4, 2016:

Draftkings 7pm (4 Game): 249
Draftkings 9pm (3 Game): 240
Draftkings 9:30pm (2 Game): 235

Here are my cash game targets. Do I play Anthony Davis in cash during big 11 game NBA slates? Not usually. However, I think it’s a big mistake fading the best player w/the best matchup in cash because you lose a huge % of the time if he has a big game.

Draftkings 7pm (4 Game): Anthony Davis, Drummond,
Draftkings 9pm (3 Game): Lillard, Anthony Davis, Lowry,
Draftkings 9:30pm (2 Game): Lowry, DeRozan, Anthony Davis,

Here are the Fanduel target scores:

Fanduel 7pm (4 Game): 290
Fanduel 9pm (3 Game): 275
Fanduel 9:30pm (2 Game): 255

Fanduel Cash game targets:

Fanduel 7pm (4 Game): Harden, Drummond, Anthony Davis
Fanduel 9pm (3 Game): Lillard, Harden, Anthony Davis
Fanduel 9:30pm (2 Game): Lillard, DeRozan, Anthony Davis, Randle

2/3 Recap: I actually went to the NFL Superbowl 50 events in San Francisco yesterday, so no NBA DFS for me. What I found (not so) funny were things like safety displays & displays about ethnic players were off to the side of the experience.  There was a ‘play safe’ banner next to an area where kids ran – got bopped on the head by one of those pads they use on football fields – and jumped into a shallow ball pit. While I understand the NFL has made strides in making the game safer, they aren’t moving fast enough.

Another thing that really rubs me the wrong way about the NFL is the open criticism of Cam Newton, and more notably Chad Johnson in my day. The NFL is an institution owned 100% by wealthy white men who exploit (mostly) African American males. Sound familiar???? They provide no guarantee contracts, no long-term health care, and the black players are ridiculed for celebrating success, while the white players are celebrated with dozens of TV/sponsorship deals.

The reason why safety & race will collide in the NFL over the next 10 – 15 years is because far less affluent (white) parents will allow their sons to play football. That’s a fact. More & more NFL athletes will come from challenging backgrounds, which due to race inequality at schools & communities tend to be African American’s, Hispanic, and ect. I’m not saying it’s right, that’s just how the system works in the USA.

So the NFL better get more comfortable with African American’s being the stars of the league. Maybe if Cam Newton can lead the Panthers to a Superbowl win over the quintessential white QB, it can be a turning point for the NFL. Either way, society’s parents are recognizing very quickly that NFL football is not for their son. Pretty soon the NFL will look more like professional boxing, UFC MMA, WWE Wrestling … which often is dominated by a small group of individuals because so few athletes decide it’s worth putting your body through that punishment … only to most certainly die before reaching old age.

The NFL is going to attract from a very small pool of athletes in 10 years. A large % of those athletes are going to come from extremely challenging childhoods. If the NFL doesn’t provide education, mentorship, training, ect to these young men – the NFL will quickly become the 3rd most popular sport … again.

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