NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball – Sleepers + Cash Game Picks 2/9

We’ve got a smaller 5 game slate on the schedule today for February 9th, 2016 NBA daily fantasy basketball. There appears to be quite a bit of ‘chalk’ value emerging early in the day being Raul Neto and Kyle Anderson. In GPPs you’ll probably want to create some lineups where you fade these two – as many early morning grinders will likely being their lineups with one of the two. Pivoting to a late-day injury update guy could be the key to taking down a GPP tonight.


Draftkings 8pm (5 Games): 255
Draftkings 8:30pm (2 Games): 240

Draftkings 8pm (5 Games): Curry, Whiteside, Favors, Carmelo, Beal
Draftkings 8:30pm (2 Games): Harden, Favors, Dirk

G – Raul Neto
$3,600 Draftkings

F – Kyle Anderson
$3,200 Draftkings

F – Jonathan Simmons
$3,100 Draftkings


Fanduel 8pm (5 Games): 280

Fanduel 8pm (5 Games): Curry, Favors, Draymond, Gortat, Carmelo, Beal

G – Raul Neto
$3,800 Fanduel

G – OJ Mayo
$3,900 Fanduel

F – Kyle Anderson
$3,500 Fanduel

F – Josh Smith
$3,900 Fanduel

F – Andre Iguodala
$4,400 Fanduel

F – Corey Brewer
$4,00 Fanduel

2/8 Recap: Not a good night for me, but I just didn’t feel too good about my team anyway – so I was able to save a few bucks by only entering a handful of cash games. I’ve been winning (low stakes cash) by playing KD & Westbrook in the same lineup. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t a ton of value that I was able to land on to fill out the rest of my lineup. I was hurt a tad bit by the Orlando game going to OT only because my combo of guys in that game didn’t really do much – but that happens in the partial slates, and sometimes it benefits me – sometimes it doesn’t. Wiggins was a mistake too – I try to avoid him, as I’ve been burned a bit by him not developing much in a season long league – but it was a shorter slate so it’s not a terrible play I don’t think.

Overall I feel good about my process. I wasn’t really being lazy, I was simply going with KD/Westbrook because it had been working. I adapted a bit by not playing much last night – so that was good instincts. Basically I’m just trying to find the positives in a losing night so I can stay motivated today. Honestly it’s tough to stay motivated 24/7 in NBA DFS – and more especially when you have a losing night. The key is to not string too many bad nights together in a row – because that’s how most guys end up giving up NBA DFS.

NBA DFS Lineup for 2-7

Tonight my plan is to do a few cash games as usual – however I’ll enter a GPP or two tonight because I think there will be some good value pivots that, if they hit, can really shoot you up a leaderboard. We’ll see.

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