NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball – Sleepers + Cash Game Picks 2/2

Tonight is my wheel-house type slate when it comes to NBA DFS this season. We’ve got a smaller slate and the time is 30 minuets later, so that should mean you can get lots of nice lineups in.


Draftkings 7:30 (5 Games): 255
Draftkings 8:00 (2 Games): 230
Draftkings 9:00 (3 Games): 250
Draftkings 10:00 (2 Games): 250

Draftkings 7:30 (5 Games): Harden, Giannis, Towns, Ariza,
Draftkings 8:00 (2 Games): Beverley, Harden, Ariza, Lowry
Draftkings 9:00 (3 Games): Clarkson, Towns, DeRozan, Randle,
Draftkings 10:00 (2 Games): Clarkson, Giannis, Randle, Towns, Lillard

G – Gerald Henderson
$3,100 Draftkings

G – Langston Galloway
$4,900 Draftkings


Fanduel 7:30 (5 Games): 265
Fanduel 8:00 (2 Games): 255
Fanduel 9:00 (3 Games): 265
Fanduel 10:00 (2 Games): 260

IT2 can be used fairly liberally on Fanduel tonight as well. Dieng can be used at Center where you don’t use Towns.

Fanduel 7:30 (5 Games): Lillard, DeRozan, Giannis, Randle, Towns
Fanduel 8:00 (2 Games): Lowry, Harden, DeRozan, Bosh
Fanduel 9:00 (3 Games): Lillard, DeRozan, Giannis, Randle, Towns
Fanduel 10:00 (2 Games): Lillard, Rubio, Middleton, Giannis, Randle, Towns

F – Shabazz Muhammad
$3,700 Fanduel

Recap: I’m pressed for time so I’m not going to spend a huge amount of time on the recap. However I had a really good night last night despite making a mistake that cost me an above score in a GPP. I was on Jeff Teague – but went away from him in one lineup in favor of Deron Williams because I thought Williams would be lower-owned & produce about the same. Turns out Williams got hurt and Teague went off for 50. On top of the Teague was lower owned than Williams!!!!!!! Sometimes DFS makes you want to bang your head on the wall, but I have to remember that it was my only GPP lineup last night – and many of my other plays hit. I felt stupid for not entering the identical lineup with Teague – but that’s easy to say now …. next time I hopefully won’t make that mistake.

In cash games, I did really well finishing 16 – 4 on Fanduel … with the 4 lineups being just out of the money.

Tonight I’m going to fire off some lineups in GPPs because it’s a later start time – also FantasyLabs has launched a new tool made to help build multiple lineups faster & easier. So I’ll probably give that a test with an abnormal amount of entries for what I normally do.

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