Pacers Must Chose Wisely If They Want To Play George

Author: Matt Jenkins

The Indiana Pacers have had a pretty average season in 2014-2015. Despite being one of the best teams in the game the previous couple of seasons, they were hit by departures and injuries pretty hard over the summer. However, thanks to a pretty weak Eastern conference, they are still in the playoff race. That is what makes the Paul George scenario interesting. He plans on coming back, but some wonder if that is actually the right move.

Every single basketball fan is well aware of how Paul George tore up his knee over the summer. In a warm-up game to get ready for the FIBA World Championships, George landed weird and had his foot wedged in an awkward position. Many people thought that it would be nearly impossible for him to return anytime soon, but now he is set to get ready to return to practice.

Indiana has a very solid medical staff, and they are monitoring his situation closely. If he has any setbacks, they will more than likely just him down for the year. Even if Indiana makes the playoffs, they will finish with a pretty low seed which gives them little hope to advance out of the 1st round. That means it might be better for them long-term if they just settle for a spot in the lottery and pick up a talented youngster.

George is still young enough that he should be able to make a full recovery by next fall. If Indiana has a shot at the playoffs, they should at least entertain the idea of letting him play if he really feels like it. However, coming back too soon could prolong the injury time. All Indiana has to do is look at the situation in Chicago. Derrick Rose has never been able to stay healthy for a prolonged period of time since returning from his knee injury. A few games in March 2015 might not be worth it long-term for Indiana’s investment in their franchise player.

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