WPI’s Week 2 Daily Fantasy Football Picks 9/15

NFL picks

If you want to spend half your budget on Peyton Manning or Tom Brady – go ahead … they are great picks this week (and just about any week). The point of this is to point out some players that might be a little cheaper so you can load up on top end WR’s or RB’s. Pair a few cheaper players with some no brainer plays to get a good balance.

QB – Philip Rivers vrs Philadelphia $6,300
Rivers had a solid week one against a team (Texans) that has given up big numbers through the air on a regular basis. This week he faces a team who ran a ton of plays in week 1 …. That means the other team gets the ball more often too. Griffin III limping around on one leg started completing passes in garbage time, and you can at least expect Rivers to do the same. Vegas has this game at the top of the o/u lines of the week. The only issue I see are west coast teams traveling to the east coast don’t often play well …. But garbage time TDs still count.

Michael Vick vrs San Diego $5,700
Unlike Colin Kaepernick, who has to get hit illegally to really take a big shot, Michael Vick is like a former NBA player who played in the same city as he does – always going down to the ground. Vick was limping around last week, and with all the plays the Eagles run makes the risk of Vick going down this year 100%. Instead of playing him late in the year when he’s hurt, play him now. The Texans heated up against the Chargers last week and no one could cover Andre Johnson. Vick will get tons of opportunities in this game, at home against a west cost team = about as good as it will get for Vick.

QB – Terrelle Pryor vrs Jacksonville $7,100
Who was the second leading rusher in the NFL week 1? Pryor was. The Vegas o/u is only 39 in this game, and the Raiders are a slight favorite at home. However, being one of the cheaper options at QB you might wish to spend your $$’s elsewhere and Pryor has upside at his price.

No-Brainer Plays:
Peyton Manning vrs NY Giants $10,100
Aaron Rodgers vrs Washington $10,000
Matt Ryan vrs St Louis $8,400

RB – LeSean McCoy vrs San Diego $6,300
Only 2 running backs had a 100 yards week one – McCoy had 184. He looked great. Looked like an Oregon running back. Many of his runs were his doing, not the exceptional Eagles blocking. If you have Peyton Manning, A.J. Green or another expensive RB, McCoy is a great option at this price.

RB – Matt Forte vrs Minnesota $6,600
Reggie Bush looked like he was back at USC against Minnesota last week, and if you have Peyton Manning as your QB, you’re going to have to dial back on what you spend elsewhere. Forte had an OK game against one of the most solid front line defenses in the league last week (Bengals) … So the Vikings might seem like a cupcake. I was burned last week having David Wilson and Issac Redman in lineups, someone like Forte would need to get hurt to be blanked + he gets catches, which makes him a solid play.

No Brainer Plays:
Adrian Peterson vrs Chicago $8,000
Reggie Bush vrs Arizona $7,300

WR – Andre Johnson vrs Tennessee $6,400
While he won’t put up the numbers he did last week, he’ll get his touches. Enough said.

WR – Wes Welker vrs New York Giants $6,900
Only do this if its a PPR because Welker is Peyton’s new boy toy. He should get 6 – 10 catches and if the Giants can keep it close, Peyton will be throwing it Welker’s way all day. There is no doubt later in the year Welker will be injured, so I like playing him now that he’s the closest to healthy he will be all year.

WR – DeSean Jackson vrs San Diego $5,100
The Eagles are trying to run 10 million plays a game, so someone has to touch the ball. Jackson has a great week one, and there’s no reason why he won’t have another solid game this week against the Chargers.

No Brainer Plays:
A.J. Green vrs Pittsburgh $8,400
Brandon Marshall vs Minnesota $8,400

DST – 49ers vrs Seattle $4,000
Seattle’s offense sucks. Russell Wilson is a second (almost third) tier QB at best. His weapons outside Lynch suck. Seattle didn’t blow the doors off Carolina, and I don’t expect them doing much against SF even at home.

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